Give a compliment today - it can change someone's life as well as yours

" I clearly remember that day,¬†twelve years ago, ¬†when I got up and felt that life had become too much for me to cope with.¬† I felt depressed and my sense of identity was slowly drifting away as I struggled to find myself in this new country.¬† On that day, I got on a bus and as I made my way to a seat, a beautiful older woman, a total stranger, said, ""You are so beautiful.¬†You radiate.""¬†¬†Her¬†voice was so sweet and soothing -¬†something in the way she said it, breathed life into me. ¬† I was a little taken aback by the compliment, said thank you and sat in my seat.¬† However, those words made a huge difference to my soul that day.¬† Someone had seen beauty, even when I felt that I was dying on the inside. Our words to ourselves and to each other can create miracles in our lives. The more we look for the good and beauty in others and let them know about it, the more we also benefit from that energy.¬† It lifts us up.¬† It gives hope to others and reinforces the beauty and good in them. Give someone a compliment today.¬† Write it on their FB page.¬† Send it through an e-mail.¬† Give a recommendation on LinkedIn. Give a stranger a compliment.¬†¬† You can go even further... make it a day of compliments... give compliments all day long! I guarantee you that you will smile more! What inspired this post this morning? I received a beautiful note from my friend Malika last night which said: ""Have I told you how PROUD I am of you!!! I am!!! You have become even more of an inspiration than when you taught with me....Your journey has showed me that ANYTHING is possible....Finding your passion and happiness is really the key isn't it? :) Love you"" Thank you Malika.¬† You brought a huge smile to my face last night and I still have it. Stay blessed and create an amazing day with compliments. Love, Magdalene  "

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