Going off routine may open new opportunities and new windows to your soul

" It is easy to fall into the same¬† routine day in and day out.¬† Wake up... coffee... gym... breakfast... work... colleagues... work.... colleagues.... drive home... dinner... bath.... bedtime... Routines keep us safe and make our lives predictable. Getting off routine requires some level of effort. Going off routines can bring a sudden burst of new energy and inspiration into our lives and it may even open new opportunities and windows to our soul.¬† I have learnt more about myself and the depth of my soul by going off routines and simply following an intuition to do something different.¬† Do I get into trouble?¬† A whole lot.¬†¬†Is ¬†it worth it?¬† Most definitely! Today was a great example of going off routine. I held a workshop at the University of Ottawa in the morning.¬† Normally, I take a taxi back to my office but I decided to walk back - which took about an hour. On the way back, I discovered this great field of black eye Susan's right next to my office, at the Museum of Nature.¬† I was pleasantly surprised because I love those flowers.¬† It also jerked my mind to think that although it is so close to me, I had not even noticed it because I have kept my usual work-home routine for the last few weeks. ¬†I have even¬†also spent my lunch hour indoors catching up on work or having lunch with my colleagues. Summer is a great time to add a bit more to our usual routines and to get out and discover what is around us. Try a walk at lunch time... take a route which¬† you have not taken before! Go out for a day trip! Discover a city which you have not been to before. Have an awesome day! Cheers, Magdalene  "

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