Going past the affair - can your love be that strong?

"Happy Valentine's Day! Some of you may celebrate valentine's and some may not. I celebrate everything which has the power to bring people closer to each other because I believe that love is the greatest of all. Last night, before going to bed my daughter came to my room and brought me this present. I am yet to find out what is inside of it (I am sure that you can guess!). ""Just in case I miss you before you leave in the  morning,"" she said as she kissed me goodnight. ""It is from all three of us."" Of course I am touched by their gesture - as each one of us will be today when someone acknowledges us and reaffirms that they love us. Over the last few weeks, I have gathered several love stories from people about their ""falling in love"" experiences.  I will publish a few of those but what I got to really appreciate is that love is at the core of all of us - waiting to be expressed or waiting for someone  to express it to us.  One of the most touching love experiences I heard  was this story of a wonderful old man in his 90's who shared with me his intimate love story.
In his old age she cares for him with love, grace and compassion.  The two of them always had that special bond but there was a secret shared only by him and his wife. She was the child from an affair - a child who was not his.   Yet, his love for his wife was more powerful than the affair. She could have left him or he could have left her.  They could have chosen to spend the rest of their lives in an emotional prison but he bravely stuck to her side and never betrayed her.
""You are free to leave, if that is what you want."" he told her.  ""But if you stay, I will treat this baby like my own.  No one ever needs to know.""
His love carried her through.  It carried them through.  They created their own story.  The  baby grew up with their other babies.  No one knows that secret.  In all the children, she is the most loyal, the most humble, the most loving.  It is as though their relationship was specially created for them.  He looks at her as a gift from heaven.  His devotion won the heart of his wife even more.  Their bond is unbreakable.  Their secret is divine.
If he had to do it over, he would do the same.
""Love forgives easily."" he says.  ""Affairs happen, but what do you do when you truly love that one person? You accept him/her completely.  Your acceptance of the person, makes things right.  A child is a child. Love is the most powerful gift you can give someone.""
TuneIn today to see all the many ways in which love is expressed to you or around you.  StepUp to express love to someone - you will be surprised at how it can create a change in your life and someone else's life!

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