Green Smoothies During Covid-19


When self-isolation started, one of the first items on my list of things to get was a bottle of wine. I am glad that I got only one! Along my life journey, I learnt that it takes 21 days to create a new habit. I certainly did not want to create a new wine drinking habit - and I can see how easy it is to do that!

One alternative to using alcohol, is to go for nutritious drinks. This may not be everyone's 'thing' but if we are going to stay indoors, why not get healthier? I have been using green smoothies for years and I can tell you that it is a great booster for your health. It keeps hunger at bay which leads to weight loss or to maintain a healthy weight, and provides a heap of nutrients which makes you feel energized and healthy!

Here is my quick video for today. Hope that you enjoy!

By the way, most of the vegetables used in a green smoothie can be grown easily and will be ready for harvesting within three months. Think of planting your own parsley, celery, kale, lettuce, spinach... It is even better if you can grow organic!




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