Have you caught that elusive thing called happiness?


 Have you ever caught that elusive thing called happiness that smartly lures you with promises to reach this blissful state if  you could: -  get these new shoes, purse, clothes, bag, jewellery.... -  earn a bit more money -  get rid of that person who bothers you at work all the time -  just get that book written, that project completed - you could take a break from life and go on a fabulous  holiday - get rid of that beat up guy or woman in your life - get the kids to do the dishes and sort out their laundry - complete this degree, course, certification you have put off for so long - forget this terrible childhood you had - have a fixed retirement income and security - win the lottery ticket - find your happily after romance - simply get some more sleep each night - get rid of those extra pounds - never see ""those people who cause you anguish and stress all the time......

Someone recently told me, ""the same thing that made me so happy, also brought me great grief.""

I don't know about you but¬†lately I have questioned that elusive word called¬†happiness and I have stopped holding¬† my breath for¬†that 'thing' to happen in the future to make me happy. All these things are external from our inner spirit. What if we simply¬†decide¬†to be happy¬†and embrace all the other emotions we feel? ¬†Do we need to stop looking¬†for that magical, mythical 'forever after'¬†state of happiness? Let us be compassionate with¬†ourselves and embrace all life experiences as gifts¬†towards¬†our learning. Be with yourself¬† NOW. Dream but don't let your dreams deny your happiness NOW. Take a deep breath...................... and let that feeling of peace and content..... for simply the breath of life..... fill each cell of your body. Love, Magdalene  "

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