Have you found your "golden spoon?"

A friend and I had a chat this morning about people being born with a ""golden spoon"" and I found myself thinking quite a lot about that. It is true that some people are born with a ""golden spoon"" - money, good looks, good genes, a family name, etc... but I can't help but also think that many of us who were not born with a golden spoon and had to live through poverty, war, discrimination etc. Personally, I have had my struggles but I have worked consistently and consciously to be where I want to be. I am now realizing that even though I am not rich with money, I am extremely wealthy and have found my ""golden spoon"" in making unpopular choices sometimes, accepting my lows with grace and humility, doing my best every single day and leaving the rest to God. By consistently putting in my effort and showing up for my own life, life rewards me measure to measure. If you think that life is beating you up because you were not born with a golden spoon, re-think your thoughts because you have a ""golden spoon"" - you simply need to look within and discover it.
TuneIn and StepUp to finding your ""golden spoon.""

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