Hold on to your real girlfriends - your soul healers

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Today I met a friend for tea and chat. It was after lunch and I was hungry for a little sweet desert. How can you resist lovely coconut macaroons that sit right on the counter at the coffee shop? I looked at her, nudging towards the macaroons. She shook her head and she said no. I really wanted it but did not want to eat a whole little macaroon, especially as I have just started my exercise routine again.

I looked at her again and said, ""Let us buy one. We will share the calories."" We both started to laugh at the thought of sharing the calories. Even the server laughed with us as he engaged wordlessly with us. The broad smile on his face showed that he was pretty amused with our conversation. I instructed him to cut the little macaroon exactly in half so that the calories were shared equally. We laughed even more as we watched him perform the task to perfection. We laughed throughout our teatime, while taking tiny little bites in the little half of the macaroon, trying to savor it as much as possible. Surprisingly, the little macaroon lasted a long time! 

The one hour we had booked for tea and chat went by quickly. I felt my spirit soar as I left her. Laughter has a way of healing, restoring and bringing a joyful, light spirit to a space. ""Remember how beautiful and talented you are."" I told her as we said goodbye. ""Don't let anyone take that away from you."" And we laughed some more until we went our separate ways.

As we celebrate International Women's Day, my simple message to my women friends is to remember that half a macaroon can bring so much joy when shared over a cup of tea, a heartfelt conversation, a sincere spirit and loads of laughter. Though our ups and downs, joys, successes, failures and pains of work, romances that bloom and those that leave us in the dump, entrepreneurship and raising a family, remember that #realgirlfiends are soul healers. Hold on to those women you can connect with effortlessly and pour your heart out to without any filters. Hold on to those women who will hold your hand and walk through the fire with you. Hold on to those who will bear no judgement against you, even when you know that you did the most foolish, illogical thing.

Thanks to all my wonderful girlfriends, sisters and soul sisters for the awesomeness you bring to my life. Thank you for sharing your life with this earth planet and letting your light shine brightly.

Remember to celebrate yourself every single day. YOU are awesome!




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