How do you really know that this is the right person as a partner or employee or friend? Time? Evidence? Soul? Intuition?

"""I want to have you as my life partner.""  He told her within an hour of their first date. She replied ""No, we can be friends because I don't really know you."" He asked, ""What  do you need to know?"" She replied, ""I don't know... I have just met you.  I don't know anything about you."" He said, "" I use my gut to make all my business decisions.  I am usually right 99.5% of the time.  My first impressions are usually correct."" His pure and simple language and authenticity convinced her to see him. He delivered every thing he promised on that first date.  Loyalty. Trust. Companionship. Support. Love. He knew her at her soul level and trusted his intuition because of his experience in life. How did he grow that sense of intuition?  How do we really know a person?  I often think of how we know when a person is the right person as a partner or for a job or as a friend. Even when interviewing candidates for jobs, the best employees I have come across are the ones that are the right fit intuitively even when they don't necessarily have all the skills required for the job. For myself, I am a fantastic employee when I am in alignment with the job I am doing and a terrible employee when I don't fit in. I once sat on an interview panel and we chose a candidate who was very strong intellectually, had all the experience and responded to all the questions brilliantly. At the very first encounter with her, even before that interview, I felt a spirit of meanness and chaos within her.  As a result, I was very concerned about hiring her. However, I had no evidence to prove her meanness or that chaotic energy I felt  and the hiring team made a collective decision to hire her.  Indeed it is the correct procedure from an organizational perspective as she was the best candidate.  However, in the months that followed, all hell broke loose and the work environment became toxic with those  streams of meanness and unkind behaviours. There was no system to honour what I felt - after all, it was just a feeling.  How do you honour intuition in a business world when everything is measured in a logical way? How important are those feelings in helping us make decisions ? While thinking about this blog, I thought of the many amazing people I have in my life across the globe which started as strangers on buses, trains, planes, walking on the road, in stores, at work, over the internet and somehow when that soul connection happens, you don't really need to even to explain it.  I think of the many amazing projects I have delivered on because of the natural alignment of my passion and the people concerned.  For about 95% of them, it was an instant connection with the person or the purpose. For about 5%, it was a connection felt more strongly by one person which somehow propelled the relationship into something beautiful and meaningful as time went by.  When I convinced myself to engage in a friendship that is not from a genuine connection it drains my energy. A friend once told me that it seems my soul is split into so many pieces that I instantaneously recognize those other people as part of my soul group on this earth. Maybe so. This intuitive feeling has never failed.  It does not mean that the person (or myself) won't do stupid or unpleasant things (because we all have our moments of human weakness) but when there is that light in the soul, that light illuminates everything.  Nothing else really matters and I can easily find the space in my heart and soul to forgive the misunderstandings. In my effort to expand my soul work and continue trusting my intuition and awakening that intuitive sleeping giant that is within me, I have decided to be bold and tell others what I feel.  We often hear statements such as ""time will tell"" or"" take your time to get to know someone"". To a certain extent I believe that time does reveal specifics about people but I don't think that we need years and years to get to know anyone.  I think that life has conditioned us not to listen to our intuition so that when we meet new people we are so busy analyzing them intellectually that our hearts are not open to receiving them from a soul space. Today, TuneIn to your intuition about how you really feel about someone.  Have you told them? Is it positive? Is it negative?  Are you held in a relationship because you feel obliged?  Are you feeling happy or unhappy?  Are you in a job which no longer speaks to your soul?  StepUp to honour that feeling (don't try to intellectualize it).  Speak to the feeling and ask it gently to help you understand why you feel that way.  Each time we make the time to speak to our feelings, we actually open up a window in our soul space.  Our souls are so longing for us to connect to it. Look out next week for my next blog on some practical things we can do to develop our intuitive abilities. Love, Magdalene"

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