"I Am Off To Travel Across The World" - Her Dream Came True!

" ""I am off to travel across the world with my husband and two sons,"" she told me excitedly. She explained how the last few weeks had been hectic as they tried to rent their home, arrange plane tickets and accommodation and all the logistics required for the trip across several continents. Her story intrigued me. ""What inspired this great plan?"" I asked. I had just met this woman a few hours before and we connected instantly. We were having lunch together and this came up because she was explaining why she could not take part in one of our work initiatives. ""We have planned for the last two years,"" she said. ""It has taken a bit of savings - I worked an extra evening job - but it is happening."" She told me that they had been learning Spanish as well and learning about some of the various cultures that they would be experiencing. Her story was a true Valentine story of love at first sight. She met her husband at a bar several years ago and he asked her what her dream wish was. She told him that she wanted to travel across the entire world. He told her right there and then that he would make it happen if she married him. She laughed at him at first because she had just met him and thought he was joking. They got married three months later and travelling has been a huge part of how they chose to live their lives. This story affirms that we have the capacity and intuition to make important life decisions quickly if we are TunedIn to who we are and what we want. There are several myths about life that dictate responses to our situations and we must be aware of those myths that hold us back. For example, ""Do not talk to strangers"" - Well everyone starts off being a stranger. I met some of the greatest people in my life right off the streets as strangers. We attract similar energies to our own regardless of where we are. Another myth is ""It takes time to get to know someone"" -I think we already know all to know about someone within seconds of meeting them. Time only confirms more specific things about this first gut feeling which most of us ignore because we have no evidence to prove why we would be drawn or not drawn to someone. What is your dream wish? Can you say it out loud? How do you choose to live your life? Is the life you are living now the one of choice or the one you think you have to live because there is no other way? If a stranger came off the street and could make that dream wish come true for you, would you grab the opportunity and look at it as a miracle? Or would you start doubting and think that the stranger has ulterior motives - that this is too good to be true? Look back at your life and see how you have embraced the ""illogical"" things that have happened to you and see if you also missed a great opportunity because you did not have the courage to act quickly. Our heartfelt dreams inspire the way we chose to live our lives. This woman had a dream to travel the world, she met a partner with the same interest; they chose to live a lifestyle of travelling and then started propelling their dream forward by acting on it. Maybe more of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to dream and to OWN our dreams. When the dream ignites our soul, life presents the opportunities to make them come true. We too, must have the courage to TuneIn to those opportunities, StepUp to take our own risks... and live our dreams. Revisit your dreams and dream wish - some dreams die simply because we don't OWN them and are not willing to take a risk. Love, Magdalene "

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