I Choose Love

The thought that God loves me unconditionally gives me permission to the same for others. A wonderful friend of mine called a few days ago to ask me how I am able to always find good in people, without judging them and meeting them wherever they are in their lives. My personal philosophy is that we are all people in-progress moving towards the light. Our paths are different. A person's bad behaviors does not not define the whole person. The worst person you can find has good in them.

I am so far from being perfect but God's love does not judge me based on my imperfections. God's love also embraces my imperfections. This love is so pure and is not dependent on anything I do or do not do! That love sustains me and it is constantly felt in my life. When I think of judging another harshly, I look inwards myself because what I see in myself, I see in others.

Our lives and journeys go beyond what we see in the physical world. In the spiritual world, only love exists. Hate carries too heavy a price for me to bear. I choose to send love back to everyone because I know for sure, that in the grand scheme of life, all what I give to the universe comes back to me a hundred fold.

I choose to live love - it is that simple.

Free yourself from holding grudges against others.

It is not worth the precious time we have to enjoy this beautiful planet.

Take ownership for your life. Make it a beautiful one by choosing to live love.



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