I love my body because it serves my spirit...

" This morning I listened to a video by Sonia Choquette and her words left a beautiful inspirational thought in my mind. ""I love my body because it serves my spirit."" Isn't that beautiful? I love my body because it serves my spirit.  I will repeat - I love my body because it serves my spirit. My spirit has chosen my unique body to  serve it's purpose on this planet, in this lifetime. It is all the reason for me to care for this beautiful body and to hold it in the highest regard.  Whatever package I am blessed with - big, tall, skinny... is the unique gift which I have been given.  This is the body which I take to work and everywhere that I go. How can I show my spirit that I am appreciative of this unique body?
  • I need to take care of my body and do little things to show how much I love this beautiful body of mine.
  • I need to rest sufficiently.
  • I need to relax and enjoy being in my body.
  • I need to be aware of what is causing stress in my body.
  • I need to drink water and eat nourishing foods which will give me the energy I need to function well.
  • I need to surround my body with beautiful people and places so that my spirit feels welcomed and supported.
  • I need to speak my truth to my body so that my spirit can feel at peace within me.
  • I need to remind my body how awesome it is!
When I love and respect my body, my spirit feels welcomed.  My spirit can then help me to achieve the work which I am destined to do in this world. When I resent my body and wish I had a different body, my spirit feels trapped and I cannot live my purpose completely. How can you welcome your spirit today? How can you take care of the beautiful body which houses your spirit? Love, Magdalene"

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