If you died today, could you justify your existence?

" Last Friday, I had two small interactions with two people who brought a smile to my face just as I started to question how much of a difference I was actually making in contributing to the lives of others and fulfilling my soul mission. The first interaction was with a young woman who bounced into my office with a beautiful bouquet and a thank you card to see me and expressed her gratitude for how her life had changed positively since a training session I did about 2 years ago. She looked radiant and one of the things she teased about was ""See, I am dressing for the job I want."" This was one of the techniques we spoke about in the class. She also told me that she still had her vision board - another technique I taught in the class to help us stay focused on our goals. Compared to 2 years ago, she glowed from within and there was a confidence and trust in her voice and she was content for now with where she was in her life. I had only met her once so I take very little credit for what happened in her life - she has worked hard to be where she is today. However, as we exchanged notes during our conversation, I could not help but be deeply grateful to this amazing universe that sent her as a response to my own questioning of whether I was making a difference in this world and to affirm my work in the middle of my doubt. Later that evening, I was on the bus going home and I met a young man whom I worked with several years ago. We were happy to see each other and I felt a bit embarrassed at the several times he kept expressing his gratitude towards me on the bus. Then he said something very profound. ""It is really important for us to listen. In a one day conversation, sometimes, we pick up only ONE thing which can be the thing that can change our lives."" He said that during one training session with me, I mentioned that we can create our jobs. This resonated with his spirit. As he explored his career path, he kept this in the back of his mind and he created a position for himself in a respectable organization by demonstrating the need for his service. During a recent meeting, he was introduced as the man who is the ""consciousness of the business"". This is a really a feather in his cap. He radiated with light as he told me of his journey and how he was doing what his soul called him to do. He was the ""consciousness of the business"" - yet he was the new person in the business!!! I am always thrilled when I see others live their lives with the knowingness that they are doing what their soul calls them to. These interactions were not grand affairs of being center stage or in the spotlight but both interactions reaffirmed several things to me: - it is important to ask questions when we are in doubt - the universe will respond and offer the right people, situations and circumstances to help us - don't underestimate the power of a moment, a conversation, an inspiration - listen to what you feel because there is truth to what you feel - when you feel stuck, keep on searching, keep on taking action, keep on meeting people, keep on showing up for your life - you are probably not that far from breakthrough! On my flight to St.Lucia a few months ago, a 70-year-old retired gentleman sat next to me. We had a six-hour conversation about our life purpose. Although he had held an extremely powerful job in the public service and was well-respected, his greatest concern was that if he died, he did not feel that he could justify his existence to his creator. Every now and then I replay this conversation in my mind. I admit that I was a bit flabbergasted at the thought of living an entire lifetime and not being able to justify one's existence! I also felt very saddened that was how he truly felt and hoped in someway he could make up for it or change his perspective. This one conversation pushes me (even when I may never see this man again) to live from my soul. How is your soul speaking to you today? TuneIn and StepUp to take one small action to live life ""soulfully"". Love, Magdalene "

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