If you knew these things about someone, would you react differently?

" We react to people all day long, whether we realize it or not.  Sometimes, we are too busy to even notice -  but even not noticing them is a reaction. Over the last couple of weeks I had conversations with a number of people and found myself changing the way that I saw them because of small insights I got to know about them.
  • Would you react differently to your colleague if you knew she was battling with cancer?
  • Would you react differently if you knew your neighbour had just lost her husband?
  • Would you react differently if you knew that your friend who always seemed a bit pre-occupied and 'far' away still misses her 5 year old baby who died in a car crash?
  • Would you react differently if you knew that the man you were dating had his heart broken so badly before that he does not know how to trust again?
  • Would you react differently if you knew that the kid who looks so confident and happy was raped at 10 years old and has created a new camouflage for herself so that no one knows her story?
  • Would you react differently if you knew that this well dressed professional woman you see every day, is about to be evicted from her house because she can't recover from bad debt?
  • Would you react differently to the man you never really liked but just found out that the inherited a million dollars?
I am sure that you can continue to write this list. Most of us camouflage what is really going on with us because in many ways, there is really no avenue to share it.  Even when we ask someone ""How are you?"",  we are expecting them to say a simple answer. ""I am fine.  Thank you.""  ""All is well.""  If you had to say the real truth, they would likely begin to look uncomfortable. Deciding how much information to share and with whom to share it... is often something think quite intensely about. Do you know the results?  Many people are choking and sick because they do not have an outlet to talk about what really bothers them.  We become sick from the unspoken thoughts.  We become sick from the secrets we keep.  We become tired and weary because we are trying to hard to battle it all on our own. When you ask someone ""How are you?"" the next time, pay some attention to them from an emotional space.  Take an extra minute to look at them genuinely and to listen.   Your willingness and openness will open their heart to give you an authentic, true answer.  Knowing what is truly going on with people helps us to develop compassion and love - it helps us to see the deeper sides of the people we engage with.  As we develop more compassion and love, our own spirits become more enriched and we start to attract more love and compassion towards ourselves as well. Why do we not pay attention sometimes?  We are too busy caught in our own maze of challenges. If you took a minute to change your focus from your maze of challenges, you will realize that your maze is just another maze...everyone has a maze... so really there is no need to bury yourself to the point that you can't even lift your head. But did you know that if you found a way to be compassionate and to reach out to someone else,  life will find a way to bless you back 100 times more. TuneIn today to pay attention to what is going on with someone else around you.  StepUp to reach out.  YOU will be blessed. Sign up for a TuneIn and StepUp challenge in 2014. http://tuneinandstepup2013.wordpress.com/signup-for-a-tunein-and-stepup-challenge-2014/ Love, Magdalene"

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