Is the Earth Breathing Better?


I can't help but think that everything between the earth and the sky is breathing better - right now. Breathing - just breathing.

COVID-19 is causing havoc in human lungs and somehow I can't help but feel that is what we have been doing to our environment for decades. Of course, we can't possibly imagine what the river feels when it is dried or the bears feel when they are hungry or what the turtles and sea creatures feel when strangled in the garbage thrown by humans in the water that sustains them. I like to use the analogy that life is like a GPS and when we go off route, the GPS has a way of re-routing. We can take a longer or shorter time to get to our destinations with alternative views - but eventually we will get there. The truth of the matter is that all life is connected and when one part is off-balanced, we are sure to experience an imbalance in another part. Nothing in this life goes unnoticed and when we least expect it, the universe speaks.

I feel the pain of every human being and their loved ones who are in the crutches of this gruesome virus. I feel the pain of people who did not have a chance to say goodbye or put their affairs in order. This feels like madness. In my own little world, I am controlling the pieces which I can control to help disrupt COVID-19. It means staying home, keeping groceries in the garage for days before using them, disinfecting, social distancing, working online as much as I can and even reducing our food consumption.

There are lessons for all of us in this madness.

Maybe we need to restructure our world to have less emissions out into the environment? If we can stay home and keep our cars and planes from the air - maybe our planet will regain its balance.

Maybe we need to have more balance in our work lives to have real time for our families and what truly matters to us? We are burnt out and in a crisis like this, we see that even when we are working so hard, many of us cannot support ourselves without an income for a month. What is the point of all this work?

Maybe we need to re-evaluate the value of money in our lives?

Maybe businesses need to re-evaluate their business models and how they are contributing to burnout and environmental pollution?

Maybe our priorities need to change?

Maybe we need to think more carefully of the future which we are creating one action at a time?

Maybe we need to re-look at sustainable agriculture and how communities can support themselves? Food security is rising as a major concern for the future?

Maybe we need to think of our older generation and the privileges which all of them should have at a certain age?

Do share your thoughts on this issue. What changes do you think we should make for a sustainable future?

Remember to play your part. STAY HOME and PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING.




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