Is this one of the ways that little boys learn how to be loving men?

" ""Mommy!!!! I have some flowers for you!!!"" I heard the little voice shouting, full of excitement. He was about 2-3 years old on his dad and held a nice bouquet in his hand. They seem to have just come from the flower shop. His mom was a few meters away but his little body seem to want to jump out of his father's arms to get the flowers quicker to his mom. When he reached his mom, he hugged her (still in his dad's arm) and gave her the flowers. This little boy was all love and when you see him with his two adoring parents, you just can't help but smile. He beamed with a feeling of safety and security. Then, I heard him say to his mom. ""Mommy, you look happy!"" His voice was genuine and full of contentment that the flowers had made his mom happy. For this young age, he was really paying attention to his mom's feelings. By then I had walked past them but I could not help but go back to ask permission to get a picture for my blog - and they agreed. Then the question popped into my head... how do our boys learn how to become loving men? There are so many ways for us to role-model loving behaviours to them. In this one moment, what my eyes saw was a dad who obviously adored his wife and son and his entire body language demonstrated it. I saw a woman who adored her husband and son. That security between the parents is a definite factor in grooming his little mind in positive, loving ways. TuneIn to small loving actions we can show in the eyes of children. StepUp to offer opportunities for them to demonstrate love to those who are precious in their lives - not only with flowers and gifts but also with the gift of presence. Love, Magdalene"

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