JAMBO! Happy Independence Day to Kenya!

"JAMBO! and KARIBU! were my two favourite words in Kenya!  HELLO  and WELCOME. This blog is specially dedicated to the beautiful people of Kenya to wish you all a Happy Independence Day! During the ATA Conference, in November 2015, Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto addressed the conference delegates and placed special emphasis on welcoming everyone 'HOME' because Kenya is known as the Cradle of Mankind. Kenya has the oldest human remains going back to 7 million year old from Turgen Hills, Baringo (oldest in Ethiopia = 4.5 million years ; S.Africa ca 3 million years, Tanzania = 2 million years.  Kenya has the longest and most complete record of human evolution (and possibly the link between humans and apes).  When Deputy President William Ruto welcomed us HOME we understood that Kenya could have very well been home to our ancestors.  It is home to  everyone.  Everyone is welcomed. Everyone welcomed us, everywhere we went.  The beautiful smiles, warmth and welcoming presence left an imprint on my mind and spirit. At several places we visited,  we were welcomed with the Maasai shuka, a traditional wear associated with the Masai people of East Africa.  These shukas are usually worn by the Masai morans which differenciates them from other communities.  We were greeted at the entrance where the Maasai shuka was wrapped around us. Kenyans take pride in their clothing and I loved the classic, well-tailored uniforms which staff wore at the various places we went to.  The faces are youth are prominent in the tourism sector and if I must say, they are very well-trained with highest level of service. Music and entertainment is a huge welcoming part of African culture.  The drumming, chanting, cultural performances were all spectacular.  I particularly enjoyed the fact that people of all ages and sizes from the local tribes and community were integrated in the various cultural shows that we attended. It is also a source of generating revenue for artists. Happy Independence Day Kenya. To continue promoting Kenya, we will be launching Gems of Kenya on Friday December 18th in Ottawa.  If you are a Kenyan, come out and see how you can work with us to promote Kenya.  Please see more details here. Live your future now... do what truly matters! Love, Magdalene"

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