Kenny Rogers. I believe that our souls connect long before the physical manifestations


I woke up this morning saddened by the news of Kenny Roger's passing. My sincere condolences to his family and all of his fans. As a fan of Kenny Rogers since my teenage years, I know that I will miss his physical presence here and I feel very fortunate that I was able to be a part of his live audience during his Farewell Tour in Ottawa in June 2017.

How I got to Kenny Rogers Farewell Tour is a little bit of a miracle, magic and manifestation - a series of events which the universe seem to conspire to make it all happen! Here is the story - more evidence of how we are all connected in ways that we perhaps cannot even begin to imagine. I believe that our souls make the connections long before the manifestations in our lives.

In 2017, Wilson Jn Baptiste and I were celebrating my birthday @ the Nordic Spa and we were listening to jazz music by a band with Jordan David. During the performance, Wilson asked them to do a special rendition for me. Jordan David, who I believe was promoting or managing the band or promoting the Jazz Festival in Ottawa (cannot remember) came to me to wish me happy birthday, gave us his card and asked us to call him if we wanted to go to any show during the jazz festival in Ottawa. I did not make much of it and completely forgot about the card. Later that summer, I found out that Kenny Rogers was playing during the jazz festival but the tickets were also expensive. I remember posting on FB asking if anyone had tickets to give away. I had no idea that my tickets were right in my bag!

The night before the concert, I suddenly remembered that Jordon had given me his business card with the promise of a pass to the Jazz festival. It was almost midnight. I sent Jordan an email - praying that he would see it in the morning. I knew that he was also busy with the jazz festival so the chances of seeing email would be almost impossible. But you know what - I got a response right away and he made arrangements for us to see the show! The show will remain etched in my memory forever! We sat under the stars that night with hundreds of others from Ottawa and enjoyed every moment with Kenny Rogers.

Here is a little recording which I did that night: Kenny Rogers Farewell Tour, Ottawa

You will be missed dear Kenny Rogers! Rest in peace and let your spirit continue to shine on us.

Thank you Jordan David and Wilson Jn Baptiste. This was one of the best birthday gifts ever. It was so strange how the series of somehow unconnected events all came together - but in our grand universe - all things are connected.

Embrace your longings. Trust that your soul has made the connections long before the manifestations.

Be well.




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