Letting go of my fear of feathers - meet an incredible man with a soul passion to rescue parrots

" Meet Sirgar - the parrot rescuer - a man who lives his life to rescue parrots! I was leisurely walking along the streets in Ottawa when I observed a large group of people waiting in line for something. I looked closer and noticed this white bald head man positioning parrots on a child and taking photos. There were six parrots and he had an ongoing conversation with them and they also obeyed his commands.  When the parrots were not in the act of posing for a photograph, they were happily walking along the wall, well-trained to stay within the reach of Sirgo. I watched in amazement as the children's faces lit as they posed for the photographs.  Sirgar, seems to be completely in the moment and enthusiastic about each photo and each person he worked with.  One little girl cried ""I will keep this photo for the rest of my life!""  This is such a beautiful emotion to bring out in a child. The look on the parents faces were delightful as they experienced this rare moment with their children.  He also educated his audience about parrots and the responsibilities that come with having such a bird. I learnt that parrots die without human contact after they have been caught from the wild. I wanted to take a photo with the birds badly but I have a phobia for feathers which started when I was about 5 years old.  But while I watched Sirgo, I also know that I really wanted a photo for this blog and got so frazzled that my fear for feathers would keep me away from doing something that was really important for me. I built my courage and blurted out to Sirgar ""I am afraid of birds but I want a photo with you.  If I stood next to you, can you guarantee that the parrots won't jump on me?"" ""Come here!"" he pulled me towards him and I felt that I was going to collapse as I got closer to the birds. I could feel my body wanting to run away and mustered all the courage I had to stay next to him.  He must have felt my body language too for as soon as I relaxed a bit, he said ""Just give me your hands."" I thought I was going to faint as he placed the parrot right into the palms of my hand. At first, I froze and my mind screamed loudly""drop the parrot and run"". I was too frozen to move!!! Suddenly, I felt the warmth of the parrot's body in my hands and it felt so beautiful. In that splitting moment, I released the fear of the feather and embraced the parrot lovingly. My body relaxed and we got several photos done. It felt like I had suddenly released a burden which I had carried with me for 40 years of my life. A weight lifted from my spirit and I remained in the presence of Sirgo and the birds for a while in the afternoon talking with him about his soul journey with those parrots. ""Those parrots are part of my soul..."" he said thoughtfully. Sirgar was not always a bird lover.  For that matter, he spent his childhood killing birds until it hit him one day that this was wrong to do. Birds were God's creatures too. By some karmic compensation, he had several unplanned encounters with parrots which has led him on this journey to travel across the country to rescue parrots and to also find new homes for the parrots.  It seems that the parrots find him too! About 25 years ago, Sirgar heard the sound of a little girl crying and shouting that the ""parrot is drowning"".  Her voice caused concerned and when he looked down to where she was pointing, he saw the parrot far below - indeed drowning in the pool of water.  instinctively, he climbed over the fence - he got himself caught in the wire mesh which tore his clothes and his flesh, leaving him bleeding and bruised.  He got the bird and came back up with fence with it, which resulted in more tearing of his clothes and cuts.  Someone who had watched the incident said ""All that for a damn bird!"" And the little girl responded ""That is a MAN!!! He saved the bird!"" He shared the story of one of his favourite parrots, Timothy Williams.  Timothy was sick and  was taken to a vet  who told the owner that she had two choices - the first was to put the bird down with an injection or to take him to the ""big bald head"" guy.  She did the latter and Timothy William is now 20 years old, one of his most prized processions! Sirgar shared with me that the most common reason that people give the birds away is because of their loud sound... they screech at 70 - 80 decibel which is hard on the ears.  He does not breed, buy or sell the parrots - he simply provides a rescue and rehabilitation  service to them.  It is a costly business as it is expensive to maintain the birds with food and medical care.  He earns some money to care for the birds by doing the photo shoots and entertaining at special events, fundraising, birthday parties, schools, weddings etc. It is his dream to turn this passion into a full-time career where he believes that he can have an even great impact on humanity through his work with those amazing parrots.  The print at the back of his shirt, also speaks to his own philosophy about life. As I reflect on my experience with Sirgar and the parrots, I cannot help but be grateful for the Sirgars of this world who find their soul mission and lives life by doing what they love. When we let go and live our mission, life somehow takes care of us and provides all that we need to fulfill that mission.  Having people like Sirgar, provides an opportunity for connection with those wonderful creatures, grows an appreciation, excitement and wonder in the eyes of children and proves that there is a place for all of us in this world to live our best lives and do what we love.  For me, his passion and authenticity were the drawing forces that connected me with him. TuneIn to your fears.  Where did they start?  How do these fears manifest in your life ?  What burden do you carry in your mind and your heart by carrying those fears?  I have released several fears over the last few years and I am so happy that I had the courage to face them. StepUp and have the courage to let those fears dissipate by taking an action.   Life will somehow protect you. I don't do a blog for advertisement but if you want to contact Sigar, you can do so at sirgarr@hotmail.com/ Tel: 613 301 2550. Love, Magdalene"

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