Lighting Your Spark Will Energize YOU...


I woke up at 5:00a.m. my mind alive with words, phrases and insights to pen to paper. After working all weekend, trying to re-activate my website, my spark for writing was re-ignited. I felt lit with this flame which propelled me to do more of my routine tasks, while my mind was still immersed with my writing. By the end of the weekend, in addition to writing, I had cleaned out the laundry room, cooked several meals, worked with my family to put up Christmas lights, organized shelves, cleaned out my space to bring some good chi and everything felt lighter! I know for a fact that my most sacred time and space is when words flow through my fingers and that sense of purpose seems aligned with a force much greater than myself.

Yet, I am not always able to get myself to that space of inspiration because I get consumed by other things which need greater priority. My mind can easily absorb other people’s issues and problems and rob me of my energy to do what truly matters to me. After all, why bother with this passion for writing which is simply a passion – and does not take care of the problems in my life or hardly helps to pay my bills or take care of my life challenges – Right?

WRONG! Whether or not living our passions help to pay our bills, nothing can replace this heightened awareness of our soul becoming alive and feeling at home. Living our passion gives us a zest for life, expands our hearts, puts a glitter in our eyes, an extra bounce in our steps and an authenticity to our lives, which cannot be matched by routine, day-to-day activities. I know for myself, that when I have not taken care of my soul, my body drops to bed at night, feeling tired and over burdened. Are you tired because you have done too much? Or Are you tired because you have done too little to light your spark? Love, Mags  "

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