Living Your Future Now in 3 Moments

" What if you can design a life full of love, trust and compassion by simply paying attention to 3 moments? ""Live Your Future Now"" is as simple as simple and as complex as complex can be. How do we make our moments matter more and help us radiate more love and compassion?  How do we make a conscious decision to choose what  part of the moment we want to keep?  Is fighting a part of living my future now?  Should it all be about being good? When we fight and make up, should we ever go back to the fight?  Does it still leave some remnants in our mind, heart and soul? I am no expert on this matter and can only speak from experience as I do my best to remain in the moment.  Here are a few things I have noticed about my process, breaking it down in three moments:

Moment 1: What is the emotion which I am feeling?

As I observe what is happening in the moment, I allow myself to experience  my emotion because I know that the manifestations in our lives are deeply rooted in the emotions which we feel.  If we live with constant worry, we will keep on attracting more situations to keep us worried.  If we live with love, we attract more love.  We don't need to tell anyone because the cells in our body are vibrating that message to everything and everyone we are in contact with.  I try to name the emotion - is it fear? anger? peace? insecurity? love? doubt?

Moment 2:  What triggered that emotion?

Our cells have memories that go back several lifetimes. In that moment, I try to figure out why that particular emotion was triggered? Something from the past? A previous similar experience? An already predicted response from intuition? Painful emotions show you what prevents you from creating harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for life. Gary Zukav

Moment 3:  What feeling do I want to be anchored in?

It is empowering to know that I can choose which emotion I want to be anchored in  and that past negative emotions no longer have to hold me as a prisoner. Is it in love and trust OR is it in fear and doubt?   If the emotion was an unpleasant one, I thank it for showing up in my life and ask it to show me what I need to do to heal what might still be an open wound.  Sometimes, something from 30 years ago, can simply pop up in a moment and send me reeling back because that small or big thing was never attended to. If it is a positive and pleasant experience, I still thank it for allowing me to experience it. As I practice this more and more, the moments seem to be magnifying into more peaceful vibrations within me.  I am consciously acknowledging what I no longer want to have power over me. Sometime we spend so much time trying to prove, defend or gain points to be right or to win, that we lose the opportunities of the moment.  We can consciously choose the emotion we want to embrace - every cell in our body responds to our thoughts and feelings. Without talking, those around us can simply feel our vibrations - it takes away the need to explain and justify our being. The more we feed our cells with vibrant positive messages and let each cell in our body  know that we forgive ourselves and that  we have learnt from our experiences, the more we will radiate with love and attract love in our lives.  At the end of it all, I believe that all of us want to be vibrating with pure, unconditional love.  If we can keep grounded in these pure positive feelings, we can magnify the good which we attract in our lives.  Isn't that awesome? Love, Magdalene"

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