Magnify goodness in every moment.

" It is a beautiful day.  Happy Sunday and may you find a few minutes today to give thanks to God, Master of our universe, our beautiful Mother Earth and the souls, past and present, who walk our journey with us. This morning I am pondering on the question: ""Have we consciously allowed the dark energies of fear, hatred, jealousy, doubt.. to control our lives and the universe at large?"" There are more good people in this world than bad people but yet it seems that the energy of darkness has more power.  Are good people not magnifying their presence enough?  Can we be bold and do more things which send our strong and positive messages to our leaders, community, families, friends?  Are we so good that it is easier to sit back and watch the darkness take over?  Every single act of kindness, love, trust, hope, forgiveness is important to preserving our countries, communities and families.  Let us magnify the good so that it can overpower the dark energies which are destroying us. - Pray with intensity - Love deeply - Laugh from deep within your core - Find small and big things to celebrate - Have deep conversations and speak truthfully about what you feel - Reach out to someone new, someone different from you, someone in need, someone to share something with - Live today as though it was your last day - Feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, give clothing to those in need - Mentor a child, a teenager, an adult - Contribute  your talent towards something meaningful - Speak words which are encouraging, inspiring, loving, forgiving - Respect all forms of life - Be bold with kind actions Live your future NOW and magnify the goodness.... Love, Magdalene"

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