Mastery over our emotions and attitude...

Mastery over our emotions and attitude towards living our dreams or reaching beyond who we are in this moment, can begin in small doses of doing more and less.
Be a little bit kinder
Listen a little bit longer
Smile a little bit more often
Dream a little bit more
Give a litte bit extra
Have a little more faith
Trust a little bit more
Speak the truth a little more
Be a little bit more committed
Try a little bit harder
Write a little bit more
Exercise a little bit more
Connect a bit more often
Hug a little big longer
Let go a little bit more
Trust your intuition a little bit more...
Drink a little bit less
Eat a little bit less
Think a little bit less
Worry a little bit less
Procrastinate a little bit less
Let go of the need to be perfect...
Often, we get disillusioned with ourselves when we don't experience the big changes we would like to see but remember that everything which we focus on expands.  The more you practice the things which you would like to see in yourself, the greater are your chances of succeeding.
We only need to do a little bit more or less each day to engineer new and positive habits within us.

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