Meet Dale and Trevor Stevenson, featured speakers at the launch of Soulful Encounters, May 25th

"Magic happens when you meet soulful people like Dale and Trevor Stevenson!¬† I first met Dale on Bank Street, a couple of months after I moved¬†to Ottawa. ¬†It was one of these soulful moments when our eyes met in the street, two total strangers, and we broke into a smile, then a chat and then a soulful relationship that is timeless.¬† When I met her husband, Trevor, I knew that this couple was in my life to stay, regardless of time or distance! We hardly see each other but I feel that we are always connected. In January 2014, I had a call out for love stories and Trevor sent me¬†a submission¬†which¬†was beautifully written by him, to express his love for Dale.¬†When I read through his submission, I thought of the deep self-awareness which he has in understanding his past, present and future and how his life has been shaped by the women in his life. Of course, his submission made its way to Soulful Encounters! Here is a little snippet on each of them. We are so looking forward to having them at our event tomorrow night. Dale Stevenson ""A lover of life...who‚Äôs crazy about supporting inspired people to see the connection between thinking and performance. Crazier about supporting people evolving through relationships, at work or personally, and wanting to stay empowered, connected and happy. Craziest about learning from and experiencing people's brilliance as they do the 'work' that allows them to profit in ways they never thought they could. Leadership Development and Coaching fanatic. Lover of Neuroscience, Fitness, Fine food, Dancing and inspiration and laughter and REAL TALK and the richness it brings to life, work and organizations. Specialties: Executive/Leadership Coaching, Team Facilitation, Leadership Development, Health and Nutrition Coaching Trevor Stevenson Has been shaped and guided (often reluctantly) by many spirited women in his life.¬† His mother¬† is South African born and raised - transplanted to Canadian farm life, bringing Trevor into the world, the youngest of 6 children in 8 years!!). Trevor's oldest sister was mostly his keeper during his formative years - hence his hippie tendencies from her influence in the 70s!! His path and ways were further shaped by wild women of the West coast, women from his world of travel, and finally, through much searching, co-created with Dale. Through his decade of world travel, Trevor reconnected with his soul purpose of supporting others to be their best and have as much fun as possible.¬† He does this through his writing, his humour and through his coaching of Executives, youth, friends and those seeking better health. Most times you'll find Trevor in his garden, playing sports, on a coaching call, being coached by Dale, or playing, coaching and learning with their two boys. He loves to be at peace, and when he is, he loves to read and write. Come out tomorrow¬† for a beautiful soulful evening!   More inspirational and soulful speakers: Emily Cattelan, Featured Speaker - The Gift of Love Our keynote, inspirational speaker:¬† Laura Traplin   SPONSORS: [gallery ids=""|"" type=""rectangular""]  "

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