Meet Rima Aristocrat, one of our featured speakers at the launch of Soulful Encounters


""We as human beings are merely travelers. Between birth and death, marks we choose to leave along the journey, are up to us.""  Rima Aristocrat, Status Magazine.

Rima Aristocrat is one of the most powerful women I have met in business and in spirit.  We are deeply honoured to have her as one of our featured speakers at the launch of Soulful Encounters on May 25th.

There is so much already written about Rima but I will choose to highlight my personal testimonial of who she is.

Rima Aristocrat is the President and CEO of Willis College in Ottawa.   I first met her at the 2015 Graduation Ceremony of Willis College of which my son Jelan was a graduate. I was drawn to her presence immediately. She radiates light and love miles from where she stands.  Jelan speaks about his teacher, Ed Mahonny and Rima in the most positive light. “Mom, the principal comes into our classroom and chats with us about everything in life.  Her door is always open and we can always go to her.  I have never felt so much love in a school.” This is only a small description of this brilliant award-honored woman who has continued the legacy of Willis College which was founded in 1896 by Stephen T. Willis.  Ownership of the College was transferred to the Aristocrat family in 1989 and she is the 4th President and CEO of the College. Willis College is the oldest Career College in Ottawa and it is notably unique as an employer led institution which has transitioned over the years from business and language training to diversifying the College offerings in Technology, and Healthcare. Willis College prides itself in preparing students to meet the needs of employers and getting students in the workforce as quickly as possible.

Since then, I have seen Rima take on bigger challenges as she tries to advance the cause of education and manage Willis College, now the oldest Career College.  Willis College just  celebrated 150 years!

Come and listen to her stories on life and the legacy which she wants to leave behind for her grandchildren.

Mags  wishes to thank Rima for having faith in her and supporting the publication of Soulful Encounters.

See you on May 25th!

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