Meet the four newcomer entrepreneurs who are behind Mags Magazine


When I started blogging back in 2011, it was out of a deep desire to take small action steps to live my passion for writing. It all started with my mom's death when I came back from her funeral, I promised myself not to die with my words stifled inside of me.  Every vision board I have created over the past twenty years, had always had 'author' as one of my hoped-for dreams. However, for many years, I never wrote anything quite seriously.  When my mom crossed over, my perspective on life changed quite significantly.

I made a commitment to blog about something of interest each day.  I started with 'look good and feel good' and realized that I could not generate enough content from within my soul.  This experience made me realize that what I am very passionate about is the SOUL.  I changed the blog to Tune In and Step Up, which helped me to focus on issues of growth, passion, purpose and spirituality.  The things which I felt passionate about.

During that blogging period, I met  Wilson Jn. Baptiste online, through Face Book.   He would often comment, like or share my writing.  He openly criticized some pieces, loudly applauded and praised some, and for whatever reason, he felt dawn to my writing.  His loyalty to me and my work has remained steadfast.

In 2014, we started a conversation about creating a digital magazine.  At first, the magazine would be called 'Tune In and Step Up' but after several conversations and logo trials, he suggested Mags Magazine.  I remember feeling quite amused at that.  I am not Oprah nor am I a person of any great stature - so why on earth would I have a Magazine named after me?  However, I asked our graphic designer Mila, to try a logo with it.  She created something beautiful and I clearly remember feeling excited about the look of it.  I lived the bird which seem to be happy and ready to fly!

Today, Wilson is our Editor-in-Chief. He is a strong writer himself and also brings in his marketing and business acumen to the magazine.  He is a tourism expert and was also excited about adding the Travel Inspiration section which we started in this issue. His support is unwavering and he allows me to fully express my opinions about the Magazine.  Sometimes, we have to sleep on some decisions but it always works out.

Mila Gei is our graphic designer.  I first met Mila through my regular job in 2009.


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