Meeting with Mama Sarah Obama - Highlights of our trip to Magical Kenya

"In November 2015, Wilson and I spent ten days in Magical Kenya where we attended the 40th World Congress of the Africa Tourism Association. ¬†What we experienced was¬†magical and because there were so many touching and inspirational moments, I ¬†will be blogging over the next few days to give you a snapshot of moments which inspired me, especially as it relates to the theme of Mags Magazine..¬†'Live Your Future Now'. Meeting the Mama Sarah Obama:¬† I met with Mama Sarah Obama, the only living grandparent of President Barack Obama, whose dream is to live her legacy to make sure that there is adequate educational resources to support underserved and at-risk youth in Kenya.¬† Although she herself is illiterate, she has spent her lifetime helping¬† orphans and impoverished families feed and educate their children. After years of feeding and clothing children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, Mama Sarah established her foundation with the goal of making a larger impact on their lives. I met with six young women who attended¬†her session at the conference, and asked them about the impact which Mama Sarah had on their lives.¬† Here is what they had to say: ""Our lives have changed a lot mostly because girls were denied that opportunity to attend education but through the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation, we have reached University level and we are grateful for Granny's kindness and caring heart.""¬† Mercy Oyuongo Isn't this amazing!   What legacy do you want to leave behind? Think of how your talents, skills and passion can make at least one small change to the lives of those around us... or who may be in a faraway land! Live Your Future Now...¬† Follow me to see the next inspirational story from Kenya! Love, Magdalene Travelling to Kenya?¬† Check Nature Expeditions... they offer a wide ranges of interesting safari trips to make your stay comfortable, exciting and inspiring. Sponsored by    "

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