Messages From Nature, Part 2 - Plant Whisperer


""If you photograph us from this angle, you will get a stunning shot!"" It was a whisper from the pink Echinacea which I had photographed earlier from a different angle. It nudged me to the top part of flower and whispered that the foliage around it would add a beautiful background. I could not ignore the message because it was persistent. So, I got up from my chair, followed the instruction and low and behold, it was my best shot this morning!

While writing my earlier blog, 'Am I becoming a plant whisperer?' I thought of the many moments when I have heard and felt messages from nature, apart from plants. I remember the mournful sound of crying dogs in the night and knew that someone had died. In the morning, my parents would talk about it and sure enough, someone we knew had passed away. I often wondered, who else heard the dogs. Was it just those who were close to this person? How did the dogs know to cry? How did I know to receive this message? I remember the blackbirds singing outside of our house very early on some mornings and my mom would say, ""The blackbirds are singing. I will get some mail today or some news."" How did the birds know that they needed to sing on the tree at the front of the house? Why did they not sing there every day? How did my mom know how to receive that message? Sure enough, on the days when the birds sang, she got mail or received some news, usually something unusual.

I believe that we all have that capacity to heighten our intuition. Best yet, our intuition is never wrong and it provides an internal guidance for us in all aspects of life. What we feel is real. It is the deepest part of us, speaking to us with messages intended only for us. We are not separate from nature. We are part of nature by our very being and becoming intimate with this connectivity, is a source of power, creativity, longevity, inner resilience and a knowingness that we all live within the natural laws of birth, death and everything that comes in-between.

As you go through your day, take a second look at the things which grab your attention, in a deeper way than usual. Let it play of your mind for a little while and gently ask your spirit to help you decipher the messages, which are intended for you. Growing this connection to the life forces in our natural world may take time but the universe quickly responds to our desire to connected. Personally, as this bond continues to strengthen with nature, I feel happier and more grounded. What better feeling is there, than to feel that YOU are part of a GRAND universe... that the ant matters just as much as you, that the stars and the sky are all part of your existence and that all creation was made with PURPOSE. How amazing it would be if all of OUR energy exchanges were sacred acts of love and kindness! How much more happiness and joy we would experience!




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