More stories on Nelson Mandela

"    Moses Jn Baptiste ""Mandela was for me a lonely voice in the darkness that humanity so easily create. That voice was fed with the will of other freedom fighters who are unnamed and forgotten. Yet, he found strength in the memories of the comrades! His life is a lesson to the many who see leadership as an end in itself. And so for my life I choose the passion, the resolve, and I accept the sacrifice...most times you alone know..."" Julian Williams
""Mandela was a great man for having that charm in winning the hearts of people for political change in South Africa. ITS GREAT NOT TO be bitter after 27 years in prison and become a head of state, to also leave office after 1 term and not be addicted to power and form a dynasty or cult of personality.  However, being to South Africa 5 times and always reading the Editorials from blacks, I think and the opinion is shared too among black South Africans, that Mandela tried to be too good and moved too fast with that Truth and reconciliation committee. The cohorts in the ANC failed to set up a legal economic mechanism that would have made finance accessible as part of the deal for about at least 20 years after the dismantling of apartheid. the government is blocked from getting funds based on race to help the millions who lived in the slum townships. Therefore millions still live in the poverty because they cant get th e money. Also, South Africans needed some strong spiritual values that will strengthen their perception of self and encourage self-help. A trip to Dominica and St. Lucia would have helped realise the importance of setting up cooperatives and credit unions in the building of our communities. In fact that applies to all black Africas cause they seem to not have that self confidence in transforming their communities from rudimentary slum to middle class residence and depend on governments  to do so. I have heard the most racist comments from some Indians in South Africa although they were the biggest beneificiaries of apartheid they still hate the dismantling of apartheid because blacks beiing in the  majority encroached on their private spaces Didicus Jules My involvement with Mandela preceeded his visit to St. Lucia.  I did some work for the ANC before the end of apartheid in designing an adult education program for their MK guerillas for accelerated qualifications with O levels so that they could assume positions in the South African army after liberation Also during the Grenada revolution, the ANC had cadres visit and some were attached to various ministries for training in public sector management."" Rastafarian Tafari Simon ""I started reading about Nelson Mandela  When I was a teenager and being from an area in Vieux Fort where so many Rastafarians were from I became aware as to why they always used Africa in their vocabulary. It is my motherland and I am a Pan Africanist. No black man shall fully have a knowledge of self without knowing his roots in Africa. Nelson Mandela taught me from a young age to stand up for what is right,  stand up for your people and stand up for humanity.  I can definitely say that because of Madiba and my Rastafarian consciousness I am able to walk confidently and prepared to defend myself in any debate about the motherland and our plight as a people .I hope that this generation bare in mind that many have given up their freedom to be where we are today. I did not always agree with how he handled those who brought on so much blood and tears to S.A but I respect the man for paving the way for me. My mission for the future is to keep meditating on my consciousness and keep informing and educating my children as to the importance of the road the great Madiba has travelled""

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