Moving from being an author on a vision board to being a REAL author!

I learned about vision boards when I was sixteen and have developed several vision boards since then. For some magical reason, everything which I have ever placed on a vision board has become real for me over the years. Sorting through some old computer files, I came across this last vision board which was electronically created in June 2010. At that time, I was trying to set a new set a new vision for my life and also integrate the teaching of vision boards to an amazing group of people who were also on their soul search.

Until today, I had not looked at that vision board. However, I was pleasantly surprised to note that 90% of the things on that vision board are now my living reality.
  1. In June 2010 when I designed it, I drove a really old car which gave me more trouble than you can possibly imagine. On my vision board, I stuck a picture of a brand new car and wished with all my heart that I would drive a brand new car which would not break down with me. Believe it or not, I got my first brand new car in October 2010 and then I traded it in for a 2nd brand new car in October 2014. Unbelievable how magic happens in the universe!
  2. Humility: Being humble and being rooted in prayer continues to be an important part of my life and I cannot express enough how much prayer keeps me grounded in ensuring that I use my talent for the greater good of this planet.
  3. Being an author: This was the most interesting one. For every single vision board which I have created, I have always included being an author. I started by being an author of my blog but now I am also authoring an e-magazine!

  1. I want to live an extraordinary life: I do believe that I am an ordinary person who lives an extra ordinary life with an abundance of opportunities to meet new people, explore new places, use my creativity to excel etc. I absolutely love the excitement in my life!
  2. Creative Genius: Creativity keep bursting from me all the time to solve problems and to develop new ideas. Genius is a bit of an exaggeration perhaps but nonetheless it is all fun thinking of myself as a creative genius.:)
  3. Being a speaker: Between June 2010 to now, I have spoken at numerous events. I love to talk! I once said to my boss, want a job where I can just talk to people. I do that 80% of my job. How great is that!
  4. FUN: My life is fun. Every day gives new possibilities for fun and laughter. I see comedy in most situations because I chose not to take life too seriously.
  5. Connecting with people all around the world: I do this almost every day. Through my blog and my work, my knowledge of the world have expanded.
  6. Other pictures show money, love, partnership and family. All of these are beautiful and amazing and I feel 100% blessed.
  7. I am happy. There is a joy and happiness that I feel in my soul now. I feel that I am arriving at this place in my life where my soul feels that it is able to greet me peacefully.
As I am about to launch my first e-magazine Live Your Future Now which is truly a product of this blog, I can help but reflect on the quote:

Great thoughts come from the heart. Luc de Clapiers

I know for a fact, that what the mind can conceptualize can happen in reality. I also know that if you can dream it, you have what it takes to also make it happen. And best of all, I know that dreams manifest when you are completely in alignment with your own thoughts. Look out the release of the e-magazine but there will also be a launch here in Ottawa on December 11th, 2014.

Here is more information about the launch:

We have an amazing line up of speakers and it will be a wonderful and inspiring evening! If you have been a reader and supporter of this blog, I want to also thank you so very much for your support and encouragement. As a global community, we can truly support each other in realizing our dreams. Remember to show your support by following the blog and liking us on FB. Love, Magdalene

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