Mr. Thomas Bolougne, Proud Recipient of St. Lucia Medal of Merit and Congrats on his Retirement

"As Saint Lucia celebrates National Day, Mags Magazine and Gems of Saint Lucia¬†would like to recognize¬†Mr. Thomas Boulogne for his contribution to education and to congratulate him on his retirement from Sir Arthur Lewis Community College where he served for over 40 years!¬†¬†On March 1st 2015 he was awarded the Saint Lucia Medal of Merit, Gold for four decades of outstanding and dedicated service in the Teaching Service and in Trade Union and Credit Cooperative Movements. Mr.Thomas Boulogne, also known as Gabriel, hails from the village of Laborie. He began teaching at the Laborie Boys ‚Äò Primary School where he taught for a year as an Assistant Teacher and then moved into the construction industry while at the same time pursued a certificate in Carpentry and Joinery at the Morne Fortune Technical College. After four years as a craftsman and foreman he returned to the teaching service as an Assistant Lecturer in Carpentry and Joinery at the Morne Fortune Technical College. During that same period he pursued studies leading to a Building Technician Diploma at the College, thus having the rare distinction of being both a tutor and a student at the Graduation Ceremony of the College for that academic year. Mr. Thomas Boulogne is a very serious, dedicated and hardworking individual who has given at least forty years of service to St. Lucia in the field of education and community service. He maintained a very high level of discipline throughout his education and working career. As a result, he was a top student throughout his education and training programmers both locally and internationally. Among his achievements are: top student of the initial training programme pursued at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College and the various training programmers pursued in the UK, a recipient of a prize as student of the year for construction while attending the Vauxhall College of Further Education and Building in London and a diploma of merit and first prize in the senior class Central Section judging of a Carpenters Craft Competition organized by the Worshipful Company of Carpenters and the Incorporated British Institute of Certified Carpenters. Mr. Boulogne is the holder of many academic and professional qualifications including; Master of Education Degree(M.Ed) in Management and Vocational Education, Postgraduate Diploma(PgDip)Management and Vocational Education, Diploma in Professional Studies in Education(DPSE), Licentiate of City and Guilds(LCG), Technical Teachers Diploma. He was also the recipient of more than one scholarship awarded by the government of St.Lucia and the British Government in order to pursue his studies, for which he is most grateful. Mr. Boulogne has provided quality tertiary education and training to individuals both locally and regionally at what is now the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, serving as; Tutor and Coordinator to students in various programmers e.g OECS Technical Teachers‚Äô Training programme, Staff Student Liaison Officer and Sports Coordinator for the Division of Technical Education and Management Studies (DTEMS),Head of Building Studies Department, Senior Lecturer, Dean of DTEMS, Acting Vice-Principal and Acting Principal. He has a passion for Technical Vocational Education and Training and played a significant role in helping to remove the stigma that is sometimes associated with TVET. He provided quality leadership in that sub-sector and helped attract significant resources to the College in order to enhance the delivery of TVET programmers and courses. Under his leadership there was a significant increase in the number of students who accessed programmes and courses at the Division of Technical Education and Management Studies. Many more institutions of further and higher education, locally, regionally and internationally also accepted graduates of the Division to pursue higher education and training. Outside the College, Mr. Boulogne provided leadership in the development and provision of TVET in St. Lucia. He served for four years as the first President of the St. Lucia Technical Vocational Educators‚Äô Association. From 2009 to 2015 he was Deputy Chairman of the St Lucia TVET Council and from 2012 to 2015 he served as a member of the OECS Tourism and Hospitality Education and Training Task Force. He is an active member of the St. Lucia Teachers ‚Äò Union ,serving as chairman of the SLTU Elections Commission from 2002 to date and is a founding member of the St. Lucia Teachers‚Äô Credit Cooperative established in 1984 at which he served on various committees as well as Vice-President and President. Mr. Boulogne is married to Angela Boulogne who is also the mother of three of his four sons. (Picture above shows Mrs. Boulogne and two of his sons, Asim Boulogne and Dyllan Boulogne.) I am very proud of Mr. Boulogne! As a brother in law, he has been a great mentor, a remarkable listener and an amazing role model. The family wishes him the best in the future! Today, we also recognize the contribution which Mrs. Peternise Stephens has made towards education.¬†Other Saint Lucians who have been featured on my blog include: Dr. Gilbertha St. Rose¬†a pioneer in the study of natural herbal medicine. Mrs. Magdalena Louis¬†a retired school principal from Augier, Laborie Hedwick Holder, Jaimanne Leopold and Tarrah Mauricette who have teamed together to create an amazing group called Chal√®¬†in Ottawa. Chal√®¬†is a creole word meaning heat, derived from our St. Lucian creole background Our initiative to support families who were affected by the flooding in Saint Lucia in 2014. Love, Magdalene  "

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