My Garden Speaks...


My garden speaks today .

I love the message from these three monks but 'see no evil' and 'hear no evil' are tough acts to follow!

Speak No Evil. See No Evil. Hear No Evil.

Is it possible to live like this? Can we truly ignore the evil which happens around us?

It is easier to turn a blind eye to the ills around us rather than for us to be advocates for truth and to protect those in need of our protection.

To live in this state we would need to be living in an isolated world with no contact around us...

If you do try to speak against evil and wrong doing, be prepared for your faith to be tested or to even lose a few things and people in your lifes such as friends, family, your reputation, your job, access to resources etc. Why? Because there are people who oppose good and promotes evil. There are times when you will be disappointed because of unmet expectations. Some people will lift you and some people will bury you alive when you try to speak your truth.

However, the only path to free your soul is to stand up for what your soul knows to be the right thing.

Keep in mind that our souls are eternal. We instinctively know what is wrong and what is right. Always tune in and listen deeply to your soul. Do you have to play a part in a situation? What is stopping you from playing your part?

After you have played your part in any situation, learn to say 'thank you' because we never know the complete story of any situation. Simply remain open, see things and people for what and who they are, forgive easily and keep moving forward.

Never forget to play your part completely... and then let it go.

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