My honeyman...


Some people have a moneyman, a handyman, a candyman.. but I have a honeyman :). This post showed up in my memories on FB and I thought you might like it too!

I feel lucky I have a honeyman. I love my honeyman. He is in his seventies and he visits me at work twice a year. He has done so for the last 5 years because I am one of his clients - I buy a jar of honey for $30. Every time he comes, we seem to repeat the same conversation.

""Honey, I have no money today."" I say to him.

""Oh.. money.. don't worry..."" he says. ""Anytime, I can come back for it. For you... you don't need money!""

And so, I buy the honey with no money (a good reason for his 2nd visit!)

Today, he came for the 2nd visit.

""Magdalene, you have such a beautiful name. Who gave you this name?"" He affirms over and over again how beautiful I am, how blessed he is and how happy he is to see me again. He says that I make him feel happy because I have a joyful spirit.

He said, ""I don't have to sell this honey you know. But I like to go out. I like to meet people and talk with them. It is what keeps me going. Don't make too much out of this life. What is most important in this life is for you to love God. You cannot love me, if you don't love God. That is the most important thing in life - to love.""

Yes, my honeyman. You are precious. Nice to have honeyman :)

Be well. Be joyful. Be happy.




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