"My love for you is in a lock box" he said.

"""My love for you is in a lock box."" he said. ""No matter what you do, what happens, who says what, it does not affect my love for you."" This is one of my favourite photos of all times taken by a stranger who caught a moment and posted with permission :) These words keep a huge smile on my face - even when I know I am being naughty or being plain difficult.  I know that whatever I do, I am still loved. (Of course I will be mindful of what I do.) Our words to each other are powerful in creating images in our minds. These words make me feel safe.  I can see his love in that lock box.  Apart from saying, ""I love you"" to our loved ones, what other creative/visual words do we use to express our steadfast, committed love, which also provides a safety net to the other person? TuneIn and StepUp to making others feel safe around you with words that paint a visual image of your  commitment to your relationship/partnership. What has someone said to you to make you feel safe?  Do share with us. Love, Magdalene"

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