Need to change perspective to get a different result?


I had a little burst of inspiration to get photos of my sunflowers this morning from an unusual perspective. I found myself lying flat on my back even crushing some of my other plants so that I could capture those gorgeous blooms against the brightness of the blue skies. This required much more effort than other shots which I have taken in my entire life. As I look at these photos, I think of how looking at something from a different perspective can make all the difference between boring and exciting; low yield vs high yield; high quality life vs low quality life; living from a place of limitation or expansion. Our perspectives can lift us or drown us; build us or destroy us; take advantage of opportunities or let opportunities pass us by.. and it is all up to us to figure out when to change perspective, let go of a perspective or adopt a new perspective.

Sometimes it means giving a bit more, going the extra mile and even enduring some discomfort along the process.

What perspective have you changed that brought in a different result for you?




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