"Passion is not just a buzz word. Without it, you risk having a disengaged and disillusioned workforce and toxic environment." Lisa Anna Palmer

" It is common for me to hear experiences of people who are constantly stressed at work.  It happens for a variety of reasons but the result is that individuals lose their soul and their passion. In Mags Magazine, I explored the topic of passion killers and passion boosters with Lisa Anna Palmer who is a Certified ProActive Coach and a Certified Passion Test® Facilitator dedicated to helping people get back into the driver’s seat of their career and to help make the World a better workplace. Mags: What are some passion killers? Lisa: There are many factors that could impact our ability to feel passionate at work. Trading your personal power in exchange for a paycheque can suck the soul right out of you. Other passion killers include working in an environment where laughter is not welcome or individuals do not feel that they are being treated with respect; not allowing people to be authentic and be themselves; people feeling excluded or isolated. Micromanagement and managing ‘face-time’ rather than results, and asking workers to constantly change their direction due to lack of leadership in management, lack of clarity and having to rework assignments even when it is not necessary. People who are in leadership roles when they don’t belong there are the biggest passion killers – that is why studies have shown that people ‘quit their bosses.’ In contrast, one of the things which great leadership calls for is engaging with people and helping them to tap into their passions – and then help them to see how they can contribute to a shared vision. Passion is not just a buzz word. Without it, you risk having a disengaged and disillusioned workforce and toxic work environment. When good pay and benefits are offered and the work environment is toxic, people stay in their jobs for the wrong reasons. Read more of the article in Mags Magazine on Page 25.  There are many passion boosters which we can engage in to live more passionately and fully. http://www.gemsofsaintlucia.com/#!mags-magazine/c1fe4 Love, Magdalene"

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