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" Canadians in Ottawa rallied with Magdalene Cooman as she launched her e-magazine at the St. Anthony Banquet Hall, Ottawa, on Thursday, December 11, 2014. The inclement weather did not stop almost one hundred persons from a diverse culture to attend the launching of Mags Magazine.The theme of the launching was “Live Your Future Now” whereby attendees were encouraged to forget the hardships and glory of their past, ignore the uncertainties and anxieties of their future and immerse themselves in the present for the next three hours, which they did. The event highlighted the diverse cultures of St. Lucia, New York, Venezuela, Africa and back to Canada, in the form a roller coaster itinerary. The attendees were in awe as a result of the speakers who shared their experiences with Magdalene Cooman in Canada from both a personal and professional perspective. These speakers included Lucya Spencer, Corrine Prince-St. Amand, Mengistab Tsegaye, Gemma Follini, Jelan Maxwell,  extraordinary men and women, in particular, who had touched Magdalene’s life and whose lives she had touched ever since migrating to Canada. They spoke of her sincerity, intelligence, kindness and her willingness to help others. The event took on a new dimension as solo songstress, Nubia Cremeno, from Venezuela, gave a stunning rendition of her song in Spanish. Cremeno had the audience humming with her during her performance. Magdalene  recognized five Earth Angels with bouquets of flower, as a sign of her appreciation for their kindness to her since her arrival in Canada. (More to come on Earth Angels later)    

The event was described as “totally awesome” by one of the attendees. Dr. Joseph Edsel Edmund’s impact was felt at the launching as two of the speakers read his review of the magazine. In addition, his contribution to the literature world was highlighted through his books, including, The Triangle of Success, which is being used by Oprah Winfrey’s leadership school in Africa.The highlight of the evening was the grand entrance of Magdalene Cooman to the main conference room. She was accompanied by Kim Yeldon and to the reciting of Desiderata and a cheering reception from the attendees. Magdalene used that opportunity to share her story with the audiences and the different transformations she went through which led to the launch of the Mags Magazine. Her reflections led the audience to her experiences growing up as a child and her dreams to be a teacher and a writer. She highlighted many experiences where dreams were not fulfilled or opportunities were missed because of our tendencies to live in the past and move too much into the future without paying attention to ‘now’. She emphasized that her blogging journey over the last 3 years led her to being more present, capturing more of life’s precious moments and living her soul mission, after writing her Soul Mission Statement. Mags Magazine is a call to action to for all of us to be more mindful of how we can create an amazing future by being more conscious of our choices moment by moment.

Some of the reviews from Mags Magazine have been very positive:“The magazine is absolutely amazing.  I had no idea that you would have that much rich content in this first issue.  What a herculean effort on your part!!!  I am very fortunate to be associated with such a wonderful talent!!!” Rick Taschuk, President, CNTN

“This is wonderful content! Really special, spiritual and uplifting. Also, you have such variety, which supports the entertainment factor. Your reader can start at the top and just keep going for hours in the world you have created. Perfect! Love all the articles. Of course I am a bit partial to any article about your journey and also your interview with Lisa J.” Dominique

“LOVE IT!!  I read through your magazine and Wow!! Pure talent!!  From your write-ups to your graphics and lay-out and most of all the sharing of your life experiences and your beautiful message about soul mission

I am so impressed with how you pulled this all together and so quickly - truly inspiring and a sign of divine inspiration and of a woman fully living their passions and purpose.

Once again, Big Congratulations!! I am so very honoured that you interviewed me for your first issue and for the opportunity to share messages that can hopefully help people get in touch with what is most important to them and to live their purpose.

I am so excited and happy for you and so very touched that you asked me to be one of the people to take part in Mags Magazine and accompany you on this journey.” Lisa

We at Mags Magazine team would like to thank you for attending our launching yesterday, December 11, 2014, and for inspiring our attendees with your eloquent delivery. You definitely made a difference and we would like to recognize that. A special thank you to the team who  put Mags Magazine together: Mila Gertsenchtein, our graphic designer,  Wilson Jn Baptiste, our project manager, Shamis Quriashi and Lynn Benck, our editors; Volunteers: Gemma and David Follini, Annavic Tapar, Vikki Broesamle, Danielle Mc Cain, Andy Rapoch, Alla Vlasenko, Jelan Maxwell, Kim Yeldon, Ohri Maxwell, Dawn Maxwell, Robert and Candide Mawoko.


A huge thank you to the sponsors who made this event possible.

Photos by Nuamulola Kambanji


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