Risk being seen and known for all your splendor, beauty and awesomeness

Risk being seen and being known for all of your splendor, beauty , magnificence and awesomeness."" Mags Mags Magazine is pulling emotions out of readers. Some of these emotions have been buried for years.  As readers write to me or meet me to share their different perspectives on how the articles connect to their life experiences, I know that I have done the work which I have been guided to do although it has caused me to step out of my comfort zone. After many years of working with different people, I know that the emotional body has a stronger hold over us, than most of us would care to admit. It is actually quite alarming how buried emotions keep us locked in our own prisons and deprive us of using our talent to serve life fearlessly.
Many of us cannot claim our brilliance because of our life experiences which have left us confused, hurt, broken and disillusioned. It is easier to keep ourselves in the shadow and let others claim the light. Why not you? There is a place in this magnificent world  for each of us. One lady said to me: ""We are all responsible for what is happening today. When we don't make decisions to claim our lives, others claim it and the results are disastrous. Even though I am almost 60, reading your Magazine has created a shift in me to accept responsibility for my life and has caused me to reflect on many, many things which happened to me as a child and left me traumatized.  I buried them inside of me."" Risk being seen and being known for all your splendor, beauty and awesomeness. Too long have we buried the beautiful things inside of us for fear that someone will say 'who does she/he think she/he is?' Too long have we waited to get someone's approval to let our light shine. It is so much easier for us to see the light in someone and choose not to celebrate it because of our own fears and insecurities. It is easier to kill talent, stop innovation and continue to live in the same humdrum that keeps us and those around us so comfortable. Step out of that comfort zone... life will reward you equally. Don't let fear run your life.
Love Mags

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