Sacred Relationships - Our Soul Connections

" Nothing is more sacred and beautiful as when you recognize the spirit of a stranger as a soul  connection. The feeling is so powerful and you don't need words to explain how you feel and there is no logic to it either. You just know.  You feel safe in their presence, their love is full for you as your love is full for them and your relationship is not tied to time, demands  or needs. There is no make up or break up. Someone once said to me, ""When we die, our soul splits in many pieces.  These pieces come back to earth and you will recognize your similar spirit in them when you meet them.  You will just know."" If this is the case, I think that my soul must have split in many pieces.  Some of the most powerful and  deepest  relationships I have, are with complete strangers whom I have met over my lifetime. After many years of experiencing this instant, magical connection, I have found some similarities that happen with each connection which makes me think that perhaps the theory above is real.
  • I recognise my spirit in the other person
  • There is light around them and they are light in nature
  • They like to laugh and our laughter can often carry a room away
  • Time does not exist - neither when we are together or not
  • We don't need to speak all the time.¬† Silence is just as beautiful
  • ¬†I see the sparkle of my eyes back in their eyes and we share similar mannerisms and body language
  • We ¬†seem to do no wrong in each other's eyes.¬† It is an unconditional love affair
  • We ¬†love to touch and hug.¬† It seems to be the natural thing to happen when we meet
  • When we are together,¬†the air becomes full of joy and happiness.¬† It is like angels are actually dancing all around us
  • The relationship is effortless
  • We may not see each other for years but the relationship remains very much alive in our minds and we talk about each other to our friends or other people we come into contact with.
  • Age does not matter
Do you have a soul brother or sister?  I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.  If you do have a soul connection to someone  - do share this article with him/her as a reminder of your friendship. TuneIn to those magical connections. StepUp by not trying to make it logical. Go with your intuition - it is all perfect! Love, Magdalene The picture above is of my dear friend Jimmy whom I met when I just arrived in Canada.  He was just coming from Uganda and could not speak much English. I taught him English for a few weeks that summer.  But it was our instant connection that really bond us - he was only 13 years old.  Jimmy and I were reunited  after 10 years, this last Christmas, thanks to his mom. It was a beautiful experience.  He is a young man who is definitely a soul connection to me. (another blog)"

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