Set Your Body & Mind For Success


It is a gorgeous morning in Ottawa and I am ready for work! I have established a work routine and it is working out well for me. I also notice a shift in my body when I do or don't do certain things! For example, when I shower, dress, apply my make-up and get organized in my work space, I feel more productive and I achieve more. My mood is more uplifting and positive than when I stay in my pyjamas or try to work from my bedroom.

Our bodies will follow our minds. Our success depends on our mindset. Therefore, it is important for you to set your body up for success by exercising mental alertness and reaffirming the behaviours which you would like to exhibit. Here are three affirmations which you can use throughout the day:

I am ready to complete my work tasks today.

I breathe in all that is positive, pure and worthy of uplifting my spirit.

I am embracing new habits and creating new opportunities around me.

I know that there will be moments when life will fall apart around you. Yes, I know that we are dealing with unprecedented challenges. But I also know that history is replete with examples of women, men, children who have used their minds and the power within them to make peace and advance their goals. Sometimes, the biggest goal is perhaps simply managing the mind to reassure it that you are safe and everything will work out for the highest good for all in this huge universe.

Why should you do this? Because you are beautiful, worthy and you are a winner!

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