Simple ways we can develop our intuitive abilities and have more fulfilling lives...

" At four years old, I had no idea what the word intuition meant but I believe that I was already using it full force.  I was at school at 3+ but not officially registered as a student, as students had to be 5 years old to be registered.  The school principal did my mom a favour by taking me in as I was so persistent about going to school. However the only way that the school principal could keep me at the school was to place me in what was regarded as the ""B"" class. In those days, bright students were placed in the ""A"" class and ""not-too- bright"" students were placed in the ""B"" class.  What a way to begin the self-fulfilling prophesy in children - to already label them as A's or B's at 5 years old!!! By 4 years old, I knew intuitively that I did not belong in this ""B"" class.  I kept looking over at the ""A"" class where I felt I really belonged. One morning, I decided to disobey the rules of lining up on the ""B"" line to get into my class. Instead, I joined the ""A"" line and this started a HUGE commotion as all the students on the ""A"" line started to shout to the teacher that I had crossed lines and wanted me to go back on the ""B"" line.  I remained rooted on the ""A"" line regardless of all the commotion around me. The teachers and school principal came up to where I was and the school principal said, ""Why are you on this line?"" ""Because I want to be in this class!"" I said defiantly. She looked at me (and I can still remember that look of ""What are we going to do with this child?""), and said ""You can go to this class ONLY for the morning but you have to go back to your class in the afternoon."" The other students looked at me in disbelief.  I felt a sense of relief. I spent that morning in that class and felt it was where I belonged.  The work was more challenging and fed my mind.  I don't remember the rest of the details but no one ever asked me to go back in the ""B"" class again. I continued my primary education in the ""A"" stream and was indeed an A student. I wonder what my life would have been like if I had continued on the ""B"" stream without having that intuitive ability that it was not where I belonged.
  • What sense was I using to know that?
  • How did I know?
  • What would have happened if I did not have the courage to step up and do something about it?
  • Would the system have decided my fate?
  • Was there a greater power than myself guiding me along?
I look back at the kids who were in that ""B"" class with me (I still remember some of them) and most of them never excelled at anything in their lives - they seem to have fulfilled that self-fulfilling prophesy of being whatever a ""B"" stream person should be.  Maybe it was in their soul mission to be there.... who knows? Those who were in the ""A"" stream, seem to have more confidence, more vibrancy... actually many of them are in quite prominent positions, doing interesting work in their communities. How often do we listen to our gut feeling or our intuition? Our intuition, referred to as our inner guidance, is a mechanism of inner or instinctive knowing which neither requires, nor employs logical thought processes.  It comes from a ""feeling"" place.  I believe that we are all born with intuition but some of us develop it more along the way and some of us lose it because we live in systems that train us to embed our decisions on scientific evidence most of the time (Which is not bad either but has it's limitation).  I have fallen in this same trap many times and made terrible decisions because I had no proof to back up what I was feeling.  Even though, I am not always correct about my intuition, I think that I am more confident in using it to make decisions and more willing to take the risks than before. In the book ""Infinite Quest - Develop Your Psychic Intuition To Take Charge of Your Life"" by John Edward, he states that there are five psychic abilities that  that are known as the ""five clairs."" a) Clairvoyance:  clear seeing, the ability to receive impressions in a visual manner, whether in  pictures, symbols or daydreams b) Clairaudience:  clear hearing, the ability to receive impressions through sound or in an auditory manner, usually  in your mind's voice and not through your ears c) Clairsentience:  clear sensing, the ability to sense and feel information d) Clairalience:  clear smelling, the ability to receive impressions through feelings e) Clairambience:  clear tasting, the ability to receive impressions through a taste in your mouth The ones which aligns naturally with me are clairsentience and clairaudience - I know things from my senses and get clear impressions in my mind's voice, but I don't know how I know.  Thank God for writers like John Edward who have now given me a vocabulary and perspective to help me become more attuned to what I feel.
  • Think of your own life - which one of these ""Clairs' do you use more to receive information?
  • Think back and see ""what you seem to know"" without knowing how you knew.¬† Were you right?¬† If you were, chances are that you are already using your intuition perhaps more than you realize.
  • Would you like to increase your intuitive ability?¬† If your decision is yes, then it requires some dedicated practice to develop your skills which will give you more confidence to make decisions.
Here are a few tips to help us along: a) Figure out which of those ""Clairs"" you respond to naturally. b) Give yourself permission to feeling / receiving / accepting  information that comes to you, even though you don't have any evidence. c) Spend time in meditation or quieting your spirit. This can be done in so many ways such as a long walk, being immersed in nature, lying down and closing your eyes, saying the rosary, reading some inspirational text, doing yoga, etc. d) Journaling what you feel daily.  I have tons of journals I have kept over the years which affirms a lot of what I felt and sensed were actually correct.  Journaling is a safe place to write your thoughts as you work on developing your intuitive abilities. e) Be observant and question things around you.  Observe who/what you seem to attract to your life.  Is it positive?  Negative?  Are you comfortable?  Many of us react to life or travel along paths that are dictated to us by others or remain in places that no longer serves a useful purpose in our lives.  You do have control - don't assume that you don't!!! f) Go back to your childhood experiences.  You will be surprised to find out that many of the  things you naturally seem to know as a child, or enjoyed doing, are still longing for expression from within your soul.  I was out on a  nature walk with a friend yesterday, in a pretty untamed part of the forest, and I found my spirit  right back to the feeling I had as child when I roamed my parents acres of wild land.  That feeling of being free in spirit and so connected to that universal life force within me. By the time I got home, I was brimming with inspiration and went into a deep meditation. g) Ask yourself questions before going to bed.  Many, many times, when things are not clear to me, I place it in the supernatural world and believe that the answer will come.  I  use conversations like:  ""O.k God.  I don't understand why xxx is happening.  Please give me some insights about this when I fall asleep or create some situation soon that will provide the clarity that I need to resolve this xxxx.  Don't whisper what I need to know, because I may not hear it - make it obvious and dramatic enough that I get the message!!""  I usually get very dramatic responses (that is a another blog) through my dreams or situations play out to provide the clarity which I need. h) Have an open mind towards things like astrology, past life readings, psychic readings, numerology, tarot readings, biblical/ religious teachings, learning about your spirit guides etc.  I believe that all of us are unique human beings and that there is NOT only ONE approach to discovering the true essence of our spirits and /or purpose in this life.  In fact, I think that most of us DO KNOW when we are in sync and when we are not, but perhaps we don't pay attention.  To pay attention requires work and responsibility.  Several years ago, I did a past life reading (another blog coming up soon) which helped me to deal with a situation which I struggled with for a long time because it did not make logical sense to me. Sometimes, we carry past karmic energy to this lifetime with us and it is only by being aware of it, that we can do something about it. I) Join groups/ read books/ become a part of a community that speaks about things that you are passionate about or which you are seeking answers to.   I love the self-healing, soul, empowerment, self-help, intuitive type of books and I have purposely indulged myself into the work of several leading authors on these subjects. As I study others, I gain new insights into myself and increase my awareness of my soul. j) Use affirmations to keep you grounded and trust your instinct. My favourite affirmations all day long are: ""I attract all that is beautiful, pure, worthy and true to me.""  ""I trust God's infinite wisdom to provide all that I need today to live a purposeful life."" ""I am surrounded by God's Divine light and trust that whatever decisions I make will be for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned."" k) Take risks and chances on things you believe in.  You may not always succeed but if you try to play everything safe, you will not give yourself the opportunity to expand your internal self.  Being afraid of rejection is NOT helpful. What other ways have you developed your intuition?  Please share with us. TuneIn to your intuitive abilities.  YOU know much more than you  think you do.  StepUp and trust that all that you need will be provided to you. Love, Magdalene -"

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