Small acts of kindness begins at home...grows out into the community... adds to the positive energy in the universe...

Jelan, my 18-year old son, knocked softly on my bedroom door. It is his usual routine to check in with me when he wakes up. He usually stays at the door for a few minutes rubbing his eyes, trying to wake up as I ask my usual question, ""What time did you get home last night?"". His answers always leave me shaking my head. He is 18 after all! Anyway, after we go through where he was the evening before, he would then say something like, ""I am going to make sausages, eggs... something for breakfast, can I make some for you?"" A few minutes later, he would appear back in the room with a plate of whatever he has prepared. Each time he does that, I feel this surge of gratitude come straight out of my heart towards him and can't help but just love him and those small thoughtful acts of kindness. When I get home on evenings, if Ohri, my 21 year old gets home before me, I can guarantee you that we will have the most awesome dinner. He is a fabulous cook and has been at it since he was about 10 years old. While everyone else watched cartoons and children's programs on TV, this kid would watch the cooking channels! He prepares everything he cooks with so much care and love - cooks from his soul! For every dinner he prepares, I feel this surge of gratitude towards him and can't help but just love him and those thoughtful acts of kindness. When Dawn, my 16 year old daughter wakes up in the morning and before she goes to bed at night, she plants a kiss on my cheeks and tells me that she loves me, even when we are arguing about the most useless of things. She cleans the kitchen every night and writes the grocery lists on Saturday morning for shopping. She offers to do my pedicure and manicure and does a perfect job! For all those small gestures, I feel this surge of gratitude towards her and can't help but just love her and those thoughtful gestures of love. With the constant stress in our daily lives, it is easy for us to take each other for granted in a home and not recognise the good things that our partners and children do for us... those small acts of kindness and thoughtfulness that money cannot buy. I feel proud that they are picking up small things that can bring so much pleasure to others. TuneIn to the small acts of kindness that others show around you. StepUp to keep the chain of kindness going. It is all within our reach to make our small corner of the world, a happy corner! Each act of kindness adds to the positive energy we put into the universe! Share with us what small acts of kindness you appreciate from your loved ones. Love, Magdalene"

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