So Where Is Your Life Going To During These Turbulent Times?


So many changes are happening in the world right now that is hard to keep up. For me, I had so many successes to celebrate but before I got to really embrace those successes, there was coronavirus getting right in the way of my plans. I had to cancel two flights, four speaking engagements and let go of some wonderful opportunities which I was really looking forward to! The changes were all happening so quickly that my emotions were bobbing up and down - sometimes leaving me completely exhausted. Being a sensitive and intuitive person can be hard on my system because I can feel the energies of others all around me. Fear feeds fear - it generates more fear!

Today, I felt re-energised. Our work in transitioning to online services seem to have fallen inplace - at least we are ready to execute our first two workshops tomorrow! Our online team meeting today proved how effective online learning can be and the power of a team pulling together to make the transition effective. It needs planning, preparation and time to execute it to perfection but it is possible. I love the challenge and the great minds I work with and I am grateful for the 100% onboard mentality - YES - WE GOT THIS!

I think that we live in an interconnected world which can offer many opportunities, even though there are also many challenges. In the process of responding to a crisis, we learnt some new skills and we have made ourselves more marketable for future opportunities!

As we navigate through this turbulent time, it is important that we do not allow the challenges and fears to drown us. Rather, we need to exercise personal leadership by taking action with the things we can control. Simple things that we can do while staying indoors: find some happy things to do such as getting out in nature and having some long walks, conference call people whom you have not connected to in a long time, indulge in some self-care, read a good long novel, watch movies, join an online program, prepare for an exam which you want to take, spend quality time with your family.

While it is important to pay attention to the facts around the coronavirus, we must not become so fearful that we end up hurting ourselves or that we add more darkness into the universe. Let your light continue to shine by remaining rooted in your faith, being positive and being proactive in doing the right things for yourself and your neighbours.

Life has a way of sorting itself out... this too shall pass. BUT DO PLAY YOUR PART IN CREATING A SAFE SPACE FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS.

Comment below and let us know where you are and how you are coping in your part of the world? What positive spin can you put on our reality? Where is your life going?


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