Sometimes, unkind people need the most kindness

"Kindness has become a new cool. When and why did we stop being kind? Is it more obvious in our society than before? The beauty and mystery of life, is that we do not always see the intimate view of the evolution of a person's soul.  We cannot see all the losses and the depth of losses which can impact someone's behaviour.  We often speak about the loss of loved ones and have more sympathy towards those who are grieving. In addition, people react towards the loss of identity, jobs, status, wealth, relationships, friendships, trust, faith, hope, freedom, independence, safety, treasured objects, body image, health, innocence … and I am sure that you can name a few more losses. How do you react to loss? How do you react to kindness and unkindness? For us to give the best of ourselves to others, we must pause and create a culture of kindness, first to ourselves - by being loving, forgiving and compassionate to ourselves.  If we are too hard on ourselves, we can harden our spirits and this makes us less compassionate towards others. We can choose to look at situation and release judgment and extend a loving blessing on those who are being unkind.  Being kind to an unkind person is a true act of generosity. It is the same as loving those who least deserve our love. Here is my FB live video which I did this morning.  By the way, I will be trying to do a FB live video at lunch time - 12:30 everyday. Join me if you can. Love, Mags            "

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