Stepping Up!


Welcome to 2014!

I would like to wish you a happy and successful year!  May all your dreams and wishes come true and may you continue to TuneIn to this amazing person you are and StepUp to having the courage to fulfill your own dreams.  It is all within YOU to develop the courage muscles to do the thing which you are called to do in this lifetime.  Life opens forth the doors for you as soon as you DECIDE. In January 2013, I started this blog as a personal soul journey to get me out of the rut of procrastination and to do something about my passion for writing.  It is quite funny how one of my ambitions in  life is to be a writer but I hardly devoted any time at all to writing! (A good example of the wishy-washy goals we set and don't follow-up!) It is like saying you want to lose 10 pounds at the beginning of the year but you don't do anything about it and get  disappointed when you don't get the result you desire. My goal in 2013 was simple - to write one blog a week and get into a writing habit. I am the worst editor for my writing but I consciously did not allow that to intimidate me, knowing that I was really working on a way to express myself, first.  For every blog I re-read, I can easily find typos and small grammatical errors. I really thought the blog was just going to be about me and my silly thoughts about life.  However, as I wrote more purposefully,  I also started to automatically connect  with things, ideas, people, events which were all so much bigger than my little isolated thoughts.  Half-way through the year, I was doing real interviews with people and was actually capturing their stories!  This actually brought me the greatest satisfaction and I sincerely thank all those who gave me the opportunity to showcase their stories.  It fulfilled one of my fantasies to be a journalist! :) By the end of 2013, I was happily exhausted as I looked at the tangible results of what I and you (readers) have achieved together.
  • I published 90 posts (well over my goal of 56).¬† Thanks for your encouragement that spurred me on!
  • We¬†have a viewership of 10,000 across 82 countries ¬†through Facebook, LinkedIn( and by you sharing on your timelines and within your own circle).¬† I have now learnt about countries I had never heard about before!
  • I developed my writing¬†style and my thinking process expanded very quickly as I challenged my thoughts and sought ways for my writing to represent the core of who I am.
  • I made peace with myself.¬† I finally have accepted my intuitive gifts which God has blessed me with and I have stopped questioning whether I am good enough to be blessed¬†with those gifts. ¬†Embracing myself was half of the battle won and the joy I¬† feel now, cannot be measured.
  • I gained the courage to say what I needed to say without needing approval from others. I owned my voice and trusted what I felt and it is one of the most exhilarating feelings one can have.
  • I ""adopted"" a restaurant and with the support of¬†3 other amazing¬†people (Mengis, Rosie and Eden) and my amazing network in Ottawa, we helped the restaurant owners keep their¬†doors open by bringing in a couple of hundred people¬† to dine at the restaurant within 3 months.
  • Many people wrote¬† personal letters to talk about their own TuneIn¬†and StepUp¬†journey which they want to embark on and there were many testimonials about how an article or¬†a subject helped in some way or the other.
  • I travelled to New York - not once but TWICE and met with great people who inspired me even further!
  • My professional and personal network expanded hugely - I have met so many AMAZING human beings along this journey that I know there is hope to see more beautiful things in the world even though it looks so dismal sometimes.

What have I learnt through this blogging experience?

  • We hold the power in OUR hands to decide the kind of life we want to live.¬† We have the power¬†to ¬†MAKE DESICIONS and to SET GOALS and work at them¬†steadily.¬† If you make the wrong decision, it is fine to change your mind if you have tried everything within your power to make something work. It is better to fail at trying than not trying at all.¬† It is also¬†fine to change direction.
  • It is¬†fine to take steps even when you don't have the whole picture and it is perfectly fine to be less than perfect.¬† As you work through your journey, clarity will come along the way to help you define it even better!
  • Although my story and thoughts are important, I had greater joy connecting with others and helping to get their story out so their work could expand more into the world.
  • We are all capable of stepping up and making a difference in whatever corner of the world we live.¬† By giving to life, we receive everything a hundred-fold back into our lives.
  • We don't need to ask permission from others to do the right thing.¬† If it feels right, most likely, it is right and the universe will provide all that you need to carry the responsibility.
  • Connecting to our authenticity and DOING what it takes to live an authentic life is the key to living with purpose.
  • There will be days when we just can't get it right.¬† We feel frustrated and tired.¬† It is perfectly fine.¬† Ride with the waves.
Here are some of my leading stories for 2013:

Brooklyn, New York

Meet Dawta Maloe who is a single mom and feeds hundreds of homeless people each month for eight years.

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Meet Taj Weeks, an international musician and Wilson Jn. Baptiste who worked together with Jet Blue in giving children in St. Lucia brand new bicycles and toys for Christmas.

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Ottawa, Canada

Meet the Kingdom Culture Ministries. They are creating a bridge between the ministry and the community and supporting many people who are in need all through the year!

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Supporting two entrepreneurs to keep their restaurant going!

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Meet Sigar, the man who rescues parrots!

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Bringing together 10,000 - 15,000 people together from the Caribbean in Ottawa!

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The International Black Summit - the conversation that is so powerful, that your life can be transformed to live your vision!

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Meet St. Lucians in the National Capital Region, celebrating a National Festival!

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