Stop thinking. Do it. Quickest counselling session...

A colleague shared her first and fastest employment counselling session she had in Canada, which lasted for 15 minutes and moved her from thinking to action. She told the employment counsellor that she wanted to teach French in the public service and that she had all the qualifications and skills to do it.  The employment counsellor looked at her and said, ""Then go and do it."" At first she was a bit shocked that it was that easy. ""Go and do it?""  How easy is that? She got the job effortlessly.  In that moment of being told to ""Go and do it.""  her brain must have connected the dots and made her realize that there was no reason she could not do the job since she had all the requirements. She received an affirmation  that it was possible. Prior to that she had talked herself into this self-defeating syndrome that she was not good enough, she was so new to Canada, why would anyone hire her....the endless reasons we convince ourselves that things will not work out. Yesterday, a friend called me to  help her decide whether she should move back to her home country.  I listened while she explained all the reasons that she could not go.  She may not get a job if she moved back. She may lose her financial security that she has built here.  She may face sexual harassment.  She may not be able to adjust to her home country after being away for so long.... the list went on and on about things that may never happen. ""Why do you want to go back?"" I asked. ""Because when I am there, I feel belonged.  I feel happy. I don't have to wonder whether I am accepted or not."" ""Then do it."" I said. I look at my own patterns over the years and realize how often I have sabotaged myself and talked myself out of making soul decisions because of fear or I procrastinate until I drive myself crazy. The fear that I am not good enough, not ready, not qualified enough, not smart enough, not financially able... there can be an bottomless list of reasons why you should not do what your soul truly desire.  The procrastination that I will do it later, it's not the right time.... always an excuse for not acting. Very often we discount what we feel because we think too much.  Spend sometime with the feeling and ask yourself:
  • ¬†If I acted on this feeling, how will it change my life in the future?(and/or other lives)
  • How does this feeling¬†align with my soul mission?
  • How will my soul expand if I acted on how I am feeling now, even though I don't know what the results will be?
  • What is stopping me from doing this now?¬† Does it involve other people?¬† Is the risk beyond me?
  • Is this a feeling that will have negative consequences for others?
If the feeling continues to nag at you, then stop thinking and ACT. Through your actions, you will find your way. TuneIn to what your soul is nudging you to do. Your soul already knows the answer.  StepUp to expand your soul work - feel with your heart and take a step of faith. Sign up for a TuneIn and StepUp Challenge.  We are looking for participants worldwide! Love, Magdalene"

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