That One-Word MOM


That ONE-word MOM embraces ample significance across the world regardless of culture, ethnicity, race or religion. God, the master of the universe, bestowed upon this human form the ability to hold human life for nine months and to give birth to that life - a process which I am sure that all mothers remember! The journey of being a mom is unending, soul-searching and comes with endless questions and golden opportunities for the growth of the soul. Why? Because our Creator did not provide us with any manuals about how to raise the children whom He trusted into our care.

Mothers rise and fail. We try again and again; we weep and we pray; we ask God for forgiveness when we feel we have not measured up; we make sacrifices; we give up our own dreams; we press them to follow their dreams…. all for the love which overflows in our hearts for our children. I like to think of mothers as the angels which God placed on earth to shower love and care upon his children.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, I give thanks to my mother for all of her efforts in raising me. I did not come with a manual and I know that I brought joy, happiness, sadness, anxiety and stress… I am sure that she worried about me and prayed for me more often than I can count. I know that she made many sacrifices for me. I know that her life was not easy but I know that she never gave up on me or any of her children or grandchildren. I know for sure that her faith in God carried us more than we may ever realize. Long after she has left her earthly journey, I can still feel her presence in my life.

As a woman and a mother too, I know for sure that a mother’s heart has the capacity to be stretched like no other and I am grateful be part of my own lineage of mothers and women who are all connected to this ONE-word MOM.

Happy Mother's Day to all who are celebrating... and those who play the role of mom even without ever giving birth but their love and care embrace the child/ children of others.




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