The courage to live with imperfection

2013 was an extraordinary year for me.


I lived an inspired life with courage.

I showed up my life and live my life as ME - an amazingly beautiful, talented

I re-discovered what an extraordinary human being I am when I live authentic life and I am true to the core of my soul.

I re-discovered how much the universe   conspires with me when I make decisions and have faith that all things will work out a

I paid attention to what I was feeling.

I stopped trying to make things be logical.  Some things are not logical.

I stopped fretting about making mistakes.

I stopped feeling guilty about the past.

I acted on my instincts and what I believed to be true right in that moment, with the full conviction that if I am wrong, life will show me another way.

I made decisions about how I wanted to tell my story of my life.

The school bags dropped carelessly on the floor.

Jackets thrown on couches.

Clothes scattered in bedrooms.

Missed appointments.

Bad grades at school.

An error in a resume.

A bad answer at an interview.

A wrong moment to speak the truth.

A moment too late to save the day.

A spelling error in an important press release.

Wrong directions given to a weary traveller.

A missed payment on a credit card.

We have all experienced some "imperfect moment" when we just want to crawl under a blanket and never wake up.

Those moments can

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