The manifestation of birds in my garden


The melodious chirping of birds wake me up in the early mornings. The sound brings joy to my ears and my soul sings. With every chirp, I think of how connected I am to life because my vision for having birds in my garden, lived only in my mind for many years before it became my reality. Living this vision now, reaffirms for me, that our lives, are simply a manifestation of our thoughts.

Bird feeding

I believe that every thought, big or small, bad or good, naughty or pure, adventurous or dull, eventually manifests in our lives sooner or later. I believe that if we take time to observe our experiences, we can see how things connect, fall apart or barely hold together and how as thoughts and vibrations shift, we can get more or less of our desires in life. We pull, we push or halt things but ultimately, there is this invisible line which connects us to all of life and life simply responds to all of our complaints, whims, fantasies. The question is - are you manifesting what you truly want in your life?

Watching this bird happily feed on this bird feeder this morning, reminded me again that we are what we think. For many years, I held the vision that my little garden, which was built from a dry lawn, was going to be a meditative, healing and energizing space for both the little creatures and the human beings who walk past. This labour of love has taken many years to create but it has taught me several important life lessons:

  • Do what excites you. If you keep thinking about something very often and can feel the burning desire in your heart or through your hands, mind, ears, soul, feet... do it. For years, each time I drove into my driveway, I would feel the need for the garden all over me.
  • Set small and big goals. If you feel that you are not achieving as much as you want to, set a goal which is tangible and requires small level of effort at first. When I started with the bird feeders, I did not understand the types of food that birds needed but I placed the bird feeders in the garden anyway. Overtime, I started reading and educating myself ‚Ķ and after a couple of years, I have finally gotten better at it.

As you go through your day, observe your thoughts, emotions and how your body physically reacts to things and people around you. Look for the things and moments that brings joy, love, peace, happiness to you, without you even thinking about it. Do MORE of those things... because all of life is about vibrations! The greater your vibration of gratitude, love, peace, joy... the more easily you are able to manifests things of beauty in your life.

Nature is my manifestation of God. I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day's work. I follow in building the principles which nature has used in its domain. Frank Lloyd Wright

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