The power of unleashing your creativity - I built my own bird bath


I believe that our neurons can be fired up by immersing ourselves in creativity - dancing, art, music, play, gardening, sculpting, cooking and even decorating and re-organizing. The brain loves it when we move away from the routine of thinking the same things over and over again to engaging ourselves in creating something using our imagination. As we engage in the creative process, there are many health benefits including a boost to our overall mood, rewiring the brain and relieving stress.

The last couple of months were tough for me, juggling studying and work. However, I immersed myself in a creative project to build a bird bath using mosaic and instead of adding stress, it added lightness to my packed agenda. It fueled my studies and my creativity flowed in abundance. Not only for the bird bath but several other creative projects were inspired by the bird bath!

I used at least a couple hundreds of broken pieces of glass to build this beautiful bird bath which I call 'a windy summer day'. It shows petals and leaves flying around, with raindrops in-between. When I first started, I had absolutely no idea of a particular pattern or what the end product would look like. Each day, I spent varying lengths of time playing with the broken pieces of glass until I noticed that I was capturing patterns that looked like petals. As I went along, the theme 'a windy summer day' came to mind and low and behold, it took my creation to another level which got me more excited about creating the product. In between my studies, I would take fifteen minute breaks to work on my mosaic and somehow this seemed to energize me in a way which got me more alert when I got back to my books.

Bird bath
'A windy summer day'

I am a player with thoughts and manifestations. I believe that we have this huge untapped power inside of us which is begging to be released into the universe. How do we unleash it? Certainly not by doing the same thing over and over and over again! I believe that our brain and emotional bodies long to connect with the creative life force within us. Perhaps the only way to engage with this creative force is to step outside of our comfort zone and to do things which we have never done before. When I look at my bird bath, it affirms that creation is opening up the mind to possibilities by simply being present in the act of creation. We need to give ourselves permission to do / be / create.

How are you inviting creativity in your life today? How are you using your lifeforce to create magic? For me, life is a huge canvas which I get to play with and create magic around me because I know for sure, that I am created with all that is Source. And SOURCE is infinite intelligence.

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