The power of walking barefoot... can make a huge difference to having good health!

" As  a little girl about six years old, I remember walking to school without shoes.  It was not uncommon - many of the kids did not have shoes.  I was so envious of the kids who had shoes!  We had to walk about 20 minutes to get to school, walk back another 20 minutes to go home for lunch, walk back to school another 20 minutes after lunch and walk back home another 20 minutes at the end of the school day.  What a lot of walking!  I walked about 1 hour and 20 minutes a day on that hot pitch road - which was burning HOT at mid-day and in the afternoon.  I can still see myself walking along the road, trying to find small dry patches of grass to rest the soles of my feet for just a moment to get some relief from the heat of the road, where you could actually see the steam coming up from the tar sometimes. That was a long way back! But perhaps after all, it was a good practice!  Now there is emerging research that walking barefoot has huge health benefits and grounds negative energy into the earth.  It is no wonder that people living on the islands way back then were not that stressed because we had such a close connection to this amazing earth!  The earth naturally absorbs those negative energies from our bodies. Here is some of what the research says:
"" Your immune system functions optimally when your body has an adequate supply of electrons, which are easily and naturally obtained by barefoot contact with the Earth. Research indicates that electrons from the Earth have antioxidant effects that can protect your body from inflammation and its many well-documented health consequences. For most of our evolutionary history, humans have had continuous contact with the Earth. It is only recently that substances such as asphalt, wood, rugs, and plastics have separated us from this contact. It is known that the Earth maintains a negative electrical potential on its surface. When you are in direct contact with the ground (walking, sitting, or laying down on the earth's surface) the earth's electrons are conducted to your body, bringing it to the same electrical potential as the earth. Living in direct contact with the earth grounds your body, inducing favorable physiological and electrophysiological changes that promote optimum health. There is an emerging science documenting how conductive contact with the Earth, which has is also known as Earthing or grounding, is highly beneficial to your health and completely safe. Earthing appears to minimize the consequences of exposure to potentially disruptive fields like ""electromagnetic pollution"" or ""dirty electricity."" "" Reference:
TuneIn to how your body is feeling.  If you are feeling stressed, walk on the grass or sand.  StepUp to feed your spirit daily to get rid of all negative energy.  Replenish your body, mind and soul with all that is pure, beautiful and positive. Sign up for a TuneIn and StepUp Challenge.  We are looking for participants worldwide! Love, Magdalene"

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